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Bhagwan Parshuram Mandir - भगवान परशुराम मंदिर

Key Highlights

◉ Child Nature Vigrah of Chaturbuji Lord Parashuram.
◉ Main Festival of Temple is Akshaya Tritiya or Parasuram Janmotsav.

Bhagwan Parashuram Temple in Trimbakeshwar is been worshipped in the form of a child. The vigilance of Chaturbhuji Bal Parashuram is beautifying the white aura in the temple. This Parashuram temple of Trimbak, Maharashtra is the first dedicated temple to Lord Parashuram of Bhakti Bharat.

Akshay Tritiya festival is celebrated as Parashuram Janmotsav in the world. On this day, kirtan is organized in the temple. This annual festival of the temple starts from Baishakh Pratipada and is celebrated with joy till Ashtami. According to scholars, Akshay Tritiya is also considered to be the beginning of the Treta Yuga.

The present form of the temple is believed to have been built around 1850. In past, Bhagwan Parshuram had meditated on the Neel mountains where is situated near Annapoorna Mata temple today.

During the month of January, the Rig Veda is recited in the temple and is concluded with 10 thousand mantras and havan.

About Bhagwan Parashuram:
Lord Parashuram was born in the Treta era. His parents are Mata Renuka and Bhrigu Srishti Maharishi Jamadagni who are also considered as the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to Kalki Purana, The tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu will be the Guru of Kalki and train him for the war.

Bhagwan Parashuram is being worshipped by Niyog Bhumihar Brahmin, Chitpavan Brahmin, Tyagi, Mohyal, Anavil and Nimboodiri Brahmin communities in the form of male or an establisher.

Popular Name: Parushram Mandir


Open Close Timing
7:00 AM - 9:00 PM

भगवान परशुराम मंदिर हिन्दी में पढ़ें

त्रंबकेश्वर के परशुराम मंदिर में भगवान के बाल स्वरूप की पूजा की जाती है। मंदिर में चतुर्भुजी बाल परशुराम का विग्रह, सफेद आभा के साथ सुशोभित हो रहा है।

Photo Gallery

Photo in Full View
Bal Swarup Bhagwan Parshuram in Garbh Grah

Bal Swarup Bhagwan Parshuram in Garbh Grah

Temple Main Prayer Hall With Bal Parshuram View.

Temple Main Prayer Hall With Bal Parshuram View.

Close-up Primary Murti of Baal Parshuram

Close-up Primary Murti of Baal Parshuram

Main Outer View of Entrance till Top

Main Outer View of Entrance till Top


Bhagwan VishnuYagyashalaMaa Tulsi
Basic Services
Prasad, Drinking Water, Shose Store, Sitting Benches
Dedicated To
Bhagwan Parushram
Yes (It's not ethical to capture photograph inside the temple when someone engaged in worship! Please also follow temple`s Rules and Tips.)
Free Entry

How To Reach

Road 🚗
Nasik - Trambakeshwar Road / NH 848 > Trimbak
Nearest Railway 🚉
Air ✈
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Social Media
Coordinates 🌐
19.930430°N, 73.528760°E
Bhagwan Parshuram Mandir on Google Map

Temple in Trimbak

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