Aaj Ka Vichar (आज का विचार)

When you lost something, but never lose what you have learned from this loss.

Truth has to go through three stages to be established,
Ridicule, Protest and finally Acceptance.

❝ Do not enjoy being in trouble of others,
God will not give you that gift,

because God gives you,
what you get in the form of enjoy. ❞

Brahma Kumaris Shivani

❝ The limits of God are beyond the thinking of the entire human race. ❞

Guru Nanak Dev

❝ Remember! Great love and great achievements also carry great risks. ❞

Dalai Lama

❝ The day our mind starts remembering the divine and becoming interested in it,
From the same day our troubles also stop taking interest in us. ❞

Guru Ramdas

आज का विचार हिन्दी में पढ़ें

कुछ विचार एसे होते हैं जो आपके जीवन में ताजगी, नई उर्जा तथा उत्साह व्रद्धि मे आपकी सहयता करते हैं।
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Aaj Ki Tithi

According to the Hindu calendar, know the today tithi. This date is according to the time of 8 o'clock in the Indian capital Delhi.

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Aaj Ka Vichar

There are some thoughts that help you in freshness, new energy and enthusiasm in your life.

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