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What should we need to know about cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or application.

There are different uses of cookies:
Remember information about you, so you don’t have to give it to us again. And again. And again
Keep you signed in, even on different devices
Help us understand how people are using our services, so we can make them better
To deliver advertising to websites.
Help us personalise your preferences and settings.

Webpage cookies
These cookies are set by the website you’re visiting. And only that website can read them.

Session cookies
These cookies only last as long as your online session, and disappear from your computer or device when you close your browser (like Internet Explorer or Safari).

Persistent cookies
These cookies stay on your computer or device after your browser has been closed and last for a time specified in the cookie. We use persistent cookies when we need to know who you are for more than one browsing session. For example, we use them to remember your preferences for the next time you visit.

Strictly necessary cookies
These cookies let you use all the different parts of website. Without them, services that you’ve asked for can’t be provided. Some examples of how we use these cookies are:

Performance cookies
These help us understand how people are using the website. And they let us try out different ideas.

» We never store any cookie from our end, this policy applied for all users over the world.

Third-party cookies
These cookies are set by someone other than the owner of the website you’re visiting; like YouTube or Flickr, which may set their own cookies.

Advertising cookies
Some websites use advertising networks to show you specially targeted adverts when you visit. These networks may also be able to track your browsing across different sites.

» Third-party cookies and Advertising cookies are stored by our social media and google service providers.

Google Analytics
Google provides us with analytical information about the our users. Google Analytics sets a cookie in order to evaluate use of those services and compile a report for us. Opt-out of Google Analytics cookies

Google DoubleClick
We use Google DoubleClick to measure the effectiveness of our online marketing campaigns. Opt-out of DoubleClick cookies

How To Manage Cookies?
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, or read full comparitech article regarding clear cookies.

This configuration is different for devices:
Android, Blackberry and iOS

Cookie Policy हिन्दी में भी उपलब्ध

We never store any cookie from our end, this police applied for all users over the world.

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