Birla Gita Mandir - बिरला गीता मंदिर

Birla Gita Mandir is a simple, beautiful and peaceful temple established by the Birla group to protect the rich scripture, teachings and values of Bhagavad Gita. Similar as other Birla temples all over major cities of India. Main murti in the temple are left Gandiv dhari Arjun in sitting pose and Lord Krishna teaching bhagwat quotes of Gita. Arjun surrendered his Gandiv to earth.

Sound echo feature is the unique due to large empty space and roof architecture. Bhadkeshwar Mahadev, Siddheshwar Mahadev, Bhuteshwar Mahadev, Gayatri Shaktipeeth, Panchmukhi Hanuman and sunset point are famous nearby temples from Gita Temple. Accommodation facilities are also available within the temple for pilgrims to stay. The place is very clean and peaceful, plenty of open spaces around this guest house. Read in Hindi

Popular Name: Gita Mandir

Key Highlights

  • Geeta Mandir Established by Birla Group.
  • Birla Guest House Available for Devotees.



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बिरला गीता मंदिर हिन्दी में भी उपलब्ध

बिरला गीता मंदिर! भगवद गीता के शिक्षाप्रद मूल्यों की रक्षा हेतु बिड़ला ग्रुप द्वारा स्थापित एक सरल, सुंदर और शान्तिमय मंदिर है, जैसा कि भारत के अन्य प्रमुख शहरों में बिड़ला मंदिर फैले हुए हैं।


Shri ArjunShri Krishna
Basic Services
Sitting Benches, CCTV Security, Play Ground
Organized By
Shri Ashok Birla Charity Trust
Dedicated To
Bhagwat Gita
Yes (It's not ethical to capture photograph inside the temple when someone engaged in worship! Please also follow temple`s Rules and Tips.)

How To Reach

Address 📧
Bhadkeshwar Road Dwarka Gujarat
Road 🚗
Hospital Road >> Bhadkeshwar Road
Nearest Railway 🚉
Dwarka Railway Station
Coordinates 🌐
22.244281°N, 68.954427°E
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Temple in Dwarka

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