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☀️Simha Sankranti - सिंह संक्रांति

Sankranti Date: Simha Sankranti: Wednesday, 17 August 2022

As per Hindu Panchang, Sankranti (संक्रांति) means movement of the Sun from one Rashi to the next. In some parts of India, each Sankranti is marked as the beginning of a month. On the other hand, in some other parts, a Sankranti is marked as the end of each month and the day following as the beginning of a new month.
Simha Sankranti: Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Most Important Sankranti Names:
Simha Sankranti
◉ Kanya Sankranti
◉ Tula Sankranti
◉ Vrishchika Sankranti
◉ Dhanu Sankranti
Makar Sankranti
◉ Kumbha Sankranti
◉ Meena Sankranti - Phool Dei
◉ Mesha Sankranti - [Solar New Year] / Pana Sankranti / Vishu Kani / Poila Boishakh
◉ Vrishabha Sankranti
◉ Mithuna Sankranti
◉ Karka Sankranti - Harela

Sankranti is favorable for charity, but on this day auspicious ceremonies are avoided. Makar Sankranti marks the beginning of a prosperous phase or the holy phase of transition. All sacred rituals and auspicious ceremonies can be performed after Sankranti.

Related NameSankrant
ReasonSun Shifted from one Rashi to other Rashi.
CelebrationsSun Worship, Daan, Dakshina, Dip in Ganges, Holy Bath, Melas.

सिंह संक्रांति हिन्दी में पढ़ें

हिंदू पंचांग के अनुसार, संक्रांति (Sankranti) का अर्थ है सूर्य का एक राशि से दूसरी राशि में जाना। भारत के कुछ हिस्सों में, प्रत्येक संक्रांति को एक महीने की शुरुआत के रूप में चिह्नित किया जाता है।

What is Monthly Sankranti?

So in a year, there are 12 Sankranti and it's dedicated to Bhagwan Surya (Sun Deity). Among all the 12 Sankranti’s ‘Makar Sankranti’ is the most promising one and it is celebrated all over India.

Related Information

Next Dates(2022)
Simha Sankranti: 17 August 2022Kanya Sankranti: 17 September 2022Tula Sankranti: 17 October 2022Vrishchika Sankranti: 16 November 2022Dhanu Sankranti: 16 December 2022
1 Days
Sankranti of Every Month.
Sun Shifted from one Rashi to other Rashi.
Sun Worship, Daan, Dakshina, Dip in Ganges, Holy Bath, Melas.
Imp Places
Prayagraj, Ganga Sagar, Holy Rivers.
Past Dates
Karka Sankranti: 16 July 2022, Mithuna Sankranti: 15 June 2022, Vrishabha Sankranti: 15 May 2022, Mesha Sankranti: 14 April 2022, Meena Sankranti: 14 March 2022, Kumbha Sankranti: 13 February 2022, Makara Sankranti: 14 January 2022, Meena Sankranti: 14 March 2021, Kumbha Sankranti: 12 February 2021, Makara Sankranti: 14 January 2021
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Sankranti 2022 Dates

Simha Sankranti17 August 2022
Kanya Sankranti17 September 2022
Tula Sankranti17 October 2022
Vrishchika Sankranti16 November 2022
Dhanu Sankranti16 December 2022
Hanuman ChalisaSavan 2022
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