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🌼Mangala Gauri Vrat - मंगला गौरी व्रत

Mangala Gauri Vrat Date: Tuesday, 4 July 2023
Mangala Gauri Vrat

According to Hindu religious beliefs, the month of Shravan is considered dedicated to Shiva and Mata Parvati. The Monday fast of Sawan is the worship of Shiva on a weekly day, and the Mangala Gauri Vrat on Tuesday, like the Monday of Sawan, Tuesday is dedicated to Mata Gauri the form of Devi Parvati.

Mangala Gauri Vrat is mainly observed by married women and among them also newly married women to get the blessings of Mata Gauri for a happy married life.

The northern states of India like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand have different vrat tithi dates due to the observance of Purnimant Panchang. The fasting dates of the western, southern parts of India such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu differ from those of the northern states due to the late moon (Amant Chandra).

Major Dates of Mangala Gauri Vrat 2022:
Tuesday, 19 July 2022
Tuesday, 26 July 2022
Tuesday, 02 August 2022
Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Related NameGauri Fast
Begins TithiShravana Tuesday
ReasonFavorite Month of Lord Gauri-Shankar
CelebrationsFast, Abhishekam, Bhajan-Kirtan

मंगला गौरी व्रत हिन्दी में पढ़ें

सोमवार को शिव की उपासना के रूप में सावन के सोमवार व्रत, तथा सावन के सोमवार की ही तरह मंगलवार को मंगला गौरी व्रत, माता पार्वती के गौरी रूप को समर्पित है।

Related Information

Yearly / Annual
1 Days
Begins Tithi
Shravana Tuesday
Ends Tithi
Shravana Tuesday
July / August / September
Favorite Month of Lord Gauri-Shankar
Fast, Abhishekam, Bhajan-Kirtan
Imp Places
Guri-Shankar Mandir, Shiv Jyotirlinga, Bateshwar Dham, Shiv Mandir
Past Dates
Fourth Mangala Gauri Vrat: 9 August 2022, Third Mangala Gauri Vrat: 2 August 2022, Second Mangala Gauri Vrat: 26 July 2022, First Mangala Gauri Vrat: 19 July 2022, Fourth Mangala Gauri Vrat: 17 August 2021, Third Mangala Gauri Vrat: 10 August 2021, Second Mangala Gauri Vrat: 3 August 2021, First Mangala Gauri Vrat: 27 July 2021
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