Maa Mansa Devi Mandir - माँ मनसा देवी मंदिर

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Maa Shakti was established by Lankapati Ravan in the Maa Mansa Devi Mandir. This village was founded by Ravan. That is why the name of this village is Ravan alias Badagaon. As because Ravan set up this village, the effigy of Ravan is not burnt on Dussehra here. Historians also believe that Mahabharata and Ramayana period are closely related to Badagaon.

Holi Poojan: 10 March 2020

According to the pujari Shri Ram Shankar Tiwari ji, due to this Shakti Siddha Peeth, mata definitely fulfills the desires sought here with true mind and selfless spirit. Special poojas are performed on Navratri in the Siddha Peeth.

The Dashavatara idol of Bhagwan Vishnu is installed in the Siddha Peetha temple. Historian KK Sharma says that the idol here is of the seventh century. Apart from this, the temple has ancient pillars, on which the idols looks like Ajanta Alora. The temple holds great importance in terms of archeology as well.

History of The Temple:
It is believed that Ravan was returning from the Himalayas after doing tapasya. He was accompanied by Mata Shakti. This Devi Shakti was blessed with austerity and got her boon. While granting the boon, the condition was that Ravan would not keep the power of the mata in the middle. If they put the power somewhere in the middle, then this power will be established at that place.

When Ravan came to this place, he needs use bathroom, so he caught a villager going from there and handover Mata Shakti. As soon as the Mata Shakti went into the handover of the villagers, she was established at the same place. Ravan made a lot of efforts to carry Mata Shakti from there, but could not succeed. Later, the temple of Mata Manasha Devi was established at this place.

Popular Name: Shri Prachin Manokamna Siddh Maa Mansa Devi Mandir

Key Highlights

  • Shakti Peeth Established by Lankapati Shri Ravan.
  • Having Dashavatar Murti of Bhagwan Vishnu From 7th Century.
  • Also Have Ancient Garvagh (Closed for Public).
  • Declared as an Archaeological Sites.

Photo Gallery

Photo in Full View

माँ मनसा देवी मंदिर हिन्दी में भी उपलब्ध

माँ मनसा देवी मंदिर में माँ की शक्ति लंकापति रावण द्वारा स्थापित की गई थी। इस गांव की स्थापना रावण ने की थी। इसीलिए इस गांव का नाम रावण उर्फ बड़ा गांव है।


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Basic Services
Prasad, Water Coolar, Power Backup, Shoe Store, Childrens Park, Free Parking, Washroom
Shri Lankapati Ravan
Dedicated To
Maa Mansa Devi
Yes (It's not ethical to capture photograph inside the temple when someone engaged in worship! Please also follow temple`s Rules and Tips.)



Shakti Peeth established by Lankapati Shri Ravan


Shri Balaji Temple inaugurated in 1989

23 September 1996

Shri Ram Darbar inaugurated by Tyagi family.

19 April 2005

Main entry gate stone laying ceremony in 2005.

25 September 2009

Shri Radha Krishn Mandir inaugurated on Ashwin Shukla Saptami

How To Reach

Address 📧
Rawan urf Baragoan Khekra Badagaon Uttar Pradesh
Road 🚗
Eastern Peripheral Expressway >> Badagaon Tyagi Road
Nearest Railway 🚉
Air ✈
Hindon Air Force Station
Coordinates 🌐
28.87497°N, 77.328991°E
Maa Mansa Devi Mandir on Google Map

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