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New Delhi Kalibari - नई दिल्ली कालीबाड़ी

Key Highlights

◉ First Kalibari Temple of Delhi.
◉ Subhas Chandra Bose was the first president of Mandir Committee.
◉ Insperied with Kalighat Kali Temple of Kolkata.

New Delhi Kalibari (Bengali: নতুন দিল্লী কালীবাড়ি) the center for Bengali culture in New Delhi, one of the oldest Maa Kali temple in Delhi-NCR.

One acre land of Goddess Kali with a Pratima resembling the one at Kalighat Kali Temple in Kolkata. The mandir committee was formalized in 1935 with Subhas Chandra Bose as the first president, and the first mandir building was inaugurated by Sir Manmatha Nath Mukherjee.

Location wise Kalibadi temple placed in heart of Delhi, very much close to Cannought place and next to Laxmi Narayan Temple. It`s pretty old built-in 1930. The best things you like Murti of Kali Maa, so mesmerizing. Just go there, fold your hands, and look into the Kali Maa Idol and you somehow feel the divine presence. This place is a must-visit place during Durgo Pujo`s time.

The place is quiet and serene and a visit to the Kali Bari evokes a sort of mental peace. The Kali puja (Bengali`s worship maa kali in Diwali which is known as Kali puja) here is held in the traditional style and the puja rituals have remained unchanged. For constructing the puja pandal, artisans and decorators are brought from Kolkata.

The New Delhi Kali Bari is easily accessible by Metro, buses, taxis, electric rickshaws.

In the name of Maa Kali Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore wrote a poem:

Bohu din dhore, bohu kosh dure,
bohu byay kori, bohu desh ghure,
Dekhite giyachhi parbotmala, dekhite giyachhi sindhu,
Dekha hoy nai chokkhu meliya,
Ghar hote shudhu dui pa feliya,
Ekti dhaner shisher upore ekti shishir bindu

An English rendering of the poem (by Rajib Roy) goes like this:

I traveled miles, for many a year,
I spent a lot in lands afar,
I`ve gone to see the mountains,
The oceans I`ve been to view.
But I haven`t seen with these eyes
Just two steps from my home lies
On corn of paddy grain,
A glistening drop of dew.


Open Close Timing
5:15 AM - 1:00 PM, 4:30 PM - 10:30 PM
5:20 AM: Mangala Arati
6:10 PM: Sandhya Aarti
Navratri, Shivaratri, Janmashtami, Durga Puja, valmiki-jayanti|Kojagari Lakshmi Puja, Diwali|Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja, Annapurna Puja | Read Also: एकादशी

नई दिल्ली कालीबाड़ी हिन्दी में पढ़ें

नई दिल्ली कालीबाड़ी (Bengali: নতুন দিল্লী কালীবাড়ি), दिल्ली में बंगाली संस्कृति का प्रमुख केंद्र है, दिल्ली-एनसीआर मे स्थापित यह माँ काली का सबसे पुराना मंदिर है।

Photo Gallery

Photo in Full View
Main Shikhar

Main Shikhar

Maa Kali Garbh Grah

Maa Kali Garbh Grah

Main Mandapam

Main Mandapam

Full View with Entry

Full View with Entry

Nandi Towards Shivalay

Nandi Towards Shivalay

Aegle marmelos, Bael, Golden Apple, Stone Apple, Wood Apple, Bhel Tree

Aegle marmelos, Bael, Golden Apple, Stone Apple, Wood Apple, Bhel Tree

Top of the Main Shikhar with Highest Point of Main Shikhar.

Top of the Main Shikhar with Highest Point of Main Shikhar.

Welcome Board

Welcome Board


Shivling with Lord Shiv FamilyPeepal TreeTulsi Plant
Basic Services
Prasad, Drinking Water, Puja Samagri, Power Backup, Shoe Store, Washrooms, Parking, CCTV Security, Sitting Benches, Music System, Fountain, Durga Puja Pandal, Parking, Office
22 October 1938
Inaugurated By
Sir Manmatha Nath Mukherjee
Dedicated To
Maa Kali
🚫 No (It's not ethical to capture photograph inside the temple when someone engaged in worship! Please also follow temple`s Rules and Tips.)
Free Entry



First Durga Puja Initiated.

22 October 1938

Establishment of Temple.

27 February 1964

Establishment of Shivalay.


The First Mandir Committee was Formalized.

How To Reach

Address 📧
Mandir Marg, Near Gole Market Mandir Marg New Delhi
Road 🚗
Panchkuian Marg >> Mandir Marg
Nearest Railway 🚉
New Delhi
Air ✈
Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi
Social Media
Coordinates 🌐
28.630428°N, 77.197356°E
New Delhi Kalibari on Google Map

Temple in Mandir Marg

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