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Akshat Kalash Yatra: In Gujarat before the establishment of Ram temple by VHP (अक्षत कलश यात्रा: राम मंदिर स्थापना से पहले गुजरात में VHP की ओर से निकाली गई अक्षत कलश यात्रा)

Akshat Kalash Yatra: In Gujarat before the establishment of Ram temple by VHP
Gujarat Unit of Vishwa Hindu Parishad organized 'Akshat Kalash' Yatra in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar on Tuesday as part of preparations for the consecration of Ram temple in January next year. VHP is taking these sacred urns from Ayodhya to different parts of the country.
In Gujarat, the 'Akshat Kalash' Yatra started from Jagannath Temple in Jamalpur and went to the VHP office near Mahalakshmi intersection. A similar event was also organized at Bharat Mata Temple in Gandhinagar.

VHP State General Secretary Ashok Rawal said that the volunteers who arrived from Ayodhya with intact Kalash were warmly welcomed.

अक्षत कलश यात्रा: राम मंदिर स्थापना से पहले गुजरात में VHP की ओर से निकाली गई अक्षत कलश यात्रा हिन्दी में पढ़ें

राम मंदिर में पहला अनुष्ठान, रविवार को श्रीराम जन्मभूमि के सुग्रीव किला परिसर में हल्दी से रंगे 100 क्विंटल अक्षत रामलला को समर्पित किये गये।
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