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The great mystery of Jagannath Mahaprabhu (जगन्नाथ महाप्रभु का महा रहस्य)

When Bhagwan Krishna sacrificed his body, he was cremated, the whole body was found in five elements, but his heart was beating like a living human, it is said that his heart is safe till today, which is the wooden statue of Bhagwan Jagannath. Beats inside the same way.
Mahaprabhu's great secret
❀ Mahaprabhu Jagannath is also called the Bhagwan of Kali Yug. Jagannath Swami resides in Puri (Odisha) with his sister Subhadra and brother Balaram. But the mystery is such that till today no one knows the statue of Mahaprabhu is changed every 12 years, at that time the lights of the entire city of Puri are switched off. After the light is turned off, the army surrounds the temple complex. At that time no one can go to the temple.

❀ Inside the temple remains dense darkness. The three priests are bandaged in the eyes. The priests have gloves in their hands, they take out the "Brahm Substance" from the old murti’s and put it in the new murtis. Nobody knows what this Brahm material is till date. No one has seen it till date for thousands of years, it has been transferred from one murti to another.

❀ It is a supernatural substance that by touching it, the rags of a person's body can fly away. This Brahm substance is related to Bhagwan Krishna. But what is this, no one knows this whole process happens once every 12 years.

❀ But till date no priest has been able to tell what is in the statue of Mahaprabhu Jagannath after all? Some priests say that when we took it in hand, we were blindfolded, there were gloves in our hands, then we could only feel it.

❀ Even today, every year the kings of Puri come to sweep with a golden broom to commemorate the Jagannath Yatra.

❀ The sound of the waves of the sea is not heard inside as you take the first step from the lion gate of the temple of Bhagwan Jagannath, while the surprising thing is that as soon as you step out of the temple, the sound of the sea will be heard.

❀ You must have seen birds sitting and flying on the summit of most temples, but no bird passes over the Jagannath temple.

❀ The flag always waved in the opposite direction of the wind.

❀ At no time during the day does the shadow of the main peak of the Bhagwan Jagannath temple be formed.

❀ The flag on the 45-storey shrine of Bhagwan Jagannath Temple is changed daily, it is believed that if the flag is not changed in a single day, the temple will be closed for 18 years.

❀ Similarly, there is also a Sudarshan Chakra on the summit of Bhagwan Jagannath Temple, which looks from your face towards you from every direction.

❀ In the kitchen of the Bhagwan Jagannath temple, 7 earthen pots are placed on top of each other for cooking prasad, which is cooked by wood fire, during which time the dish of the utensil kept on top is cooked first.

❀ The day-to-day prasad in the Bhagwan Jagannath temple never diminishes for the devotees, but the surprising thing is that as soon as the doors of the temple are closed, the prasad also ends.

Jai Shree Jagannath

जगन्नाथ महाप्रभु का महा रहस्य हिन्दी में पढ़ें

महाप्रभु जगन्नाथ को कलियुग का भगवान भी कहते है. पुरी (उड़ीसा) में जग्गनाथ स्वामी अपनी बहन सुभद्रा और भाई बलराम के साथ निवास करते है.मगर रहस्य ऐसे है कि आजतक कोई न जान पाया हर 12 साल में महाप्रभु की मूर्ती को बदला जाता है

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The great mystery of Jagannath Mahaprabhu

Mahaprabhu Jagannath is also called the Bhagwan of Kali Yug. Jagannath Swami resides in Puri (Odisha) with his sister Subhadra and brother Balaram. But the mystery is such that till today no one knows the statue of Mahaprabhu is changed every 12 years

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