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Om Jai Jagdish Hare Aarti -

Shree Ayyappa Temple - श्री अय्यप्पा मंदिर

Key Highlights

◉ Annual 7 Days Utsavam on Every 1-7 April.
◉ Monthly Kaal Sarpa Puja on Every Amavasya.
◉ All Murti are crafted by Chengannore Sadasivan Achari.

Shree Ayyappa Temple is the blessing destination of Lord Ganesha, Lord Ayyappa and Maa Durga. Temple architecture is astro-proof with the guidance for Shri Edavalam Narayanan Nampoothiri. The Panchaloha idol of Lord Ayyappa is in meditative posture was crafted by famous idol artisan Chengannore Sadasivan Achari on the advice of the Thantri of Sabarimala Temple Brahmashree Thazmon Madam Kantaru Rajeevaru, who is also the Thantri of Sree Ayyappa Temple, Rohini.

Maa Durga blesses devotees as Malikapurathamma and tantric view as Adiparashakti. Navgrah Dham to control our karmas desires and to nullify or eliminate all flaws or doshas present in the birth and thus help to overcome such doshas.

Due to the planet of Rahu-Ketu, to remove the side effects reported in their horoscopes for Kaal Sarpa Dosh, on every amavasya temple will be performed Kaal Sarpa Dosh Puja as an effective solution of this horoscopes Dosh. Please contact the Temple Office for detailed information about this worship.


Open Close Timing
5:30 - 10:00 AM, 5:30 - 8:30 PM
6:00 AM: Malar Nivedyam | Nirmalyam | Ganapathi Homam
7:30 AM: Usha Pooja
9:00 AM: Usha Pooja [Week days]
10:30 AM: Usha Pooja [Sat | Sun | Holidays]
6:45 PM: Deeparadhana
8:30 PM: Athazha Puja | Harivarsanam [Week days]
9:00 PM: Athazha Puja | Harivarsanam [Sat | Sun | Holidays]
Mandalam-Makaravilakku, Bhagavatha Sapthaham, Annual Ulsavam, VishuPaikuni Utram, Idol Installation Day, Ramayana Month, Navratri, Special Kaal Sarpa Puja, Nag Panchami, Monthly Sarpa Puja, Karthika Deepam | Read Also: एकादशी

श्री अय्यप्पा मंदिर हिन्दी में पढ़ें

श्री अय्यप्पा मंदिर, भगवान गणेश, भगवान अय्यप्पा और माता दुर्गा का पवित्र स्थल है। मंदिर वास्तुकला श्री एदवलम नारायणन नांबुथिरी के मार्गदर्शन के अनुरूप ही हुई है।

Photo Gallery

Photo in Full View
Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple

Shree Ayyappa Temple


Lord GaneshaLord AyyppaMa DurgaNavgrah DhamNagarajaMaa TulsiBanana Tree
Basic Services
Prasad, Drinking Water, Water Cooler, Office, Shose Store, CCTV Security, Sitting Benches, Prasad Shop, Washrooms
16 April 1999
Sree Dharma Shasta Sewa Samajam, Rohini
Organized By
Sree Dharma Shasta Sewa Samajam, Rohini
Inaugurated By
Brahmashree Thazhamon Madam Kantaru Rajeevaru
Dedicated To
Lord Ayyappa
🚫 No (It's not ethical to capture photograph inside the temple when someone engaged in worship! Please also follow temple`s Rules and Tips.)
Free Entry



The first mandalam-makaravilakku festival celebrated by informal committee.

9 March 1997

The foundation stone by Brahmashree Thazhamon Madam Kantaru Rajeevaru Thanthri

16 April 1999

Prana prathishtha was performed on star Aswati day in the Malayalam month Medam.

19 April 1999

The temple was fully setup and opened for devotees.

April 2000

The Navagraha installation during the first annual festival between 1-7 April.

11 November 2001

First Laksharchana conducted and prana prathishta of auditorium.

Video Gallery

How To Reach

Address 📧
F-26, Sector-7 Rohini New Delhi
Road 🚗
Bhagawan Mahavir Marg / Maharaja Agrasen Marg >> HL Parwana Marg
Nearest Railway 🚉
New Delhi
Air ✈
Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi
Social Media
Coordinates 🌐
28.706629°N, 77.112868°E
Shree Ayyappa Temple on Google Map

Temple in Rohini

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