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🍚Basoda (Sheetala Ashtami) - बसौड़ा (शीतला अष्टमी)

Basoda (Sheetala Ashtami) Date: Saturday, 22 March 2025
Basoda (Sheetala Ashtami)

Basoda is a festival dedicated to the worship of Mata Sheetla which is celebrated on the eighteenth day of Holi i.e. Chaitra Krishna Paksha Ashtami.

Basoda is also known as Sheetla Ashtami. In some places Basoda is also celebrated on the first Monday or Friday after Holi. Basoda is more popular in North Indian states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi than in South India.

Preparations for the Sheetla Ashtami fast begin a day before, i.e., Krishna Saptami. These preparations are completed by cleaning the kitchen and preparing food on the night of Saptami. Mainly yogurt, gud (Jaggery), and rabri are used in food.

On the day of Sheetla Ashtami, following the rules of fasting in the morning, take a vow of fasting. After that, the sequence of fasting, chalisa, bhajan and aarti of Mata Sheetla follows. After this, the prepared prasad on the night of Saptami has been offered to Sheetla Mata. After that there is a law to worship at the place where Holika is burnt, and in the end, take blessings of the elders of your house. In the end, they themselves take the same food as offerings as prasad.

On this day the stove is not lit in the house, only the stale food prepared on the seventh day is eaten. Since stale food is taken as prasad in this fast, this festival is called Basoda.

Related NameBasoda, Sheetala Saptami, Sheetala Ashtami
Begins TithiChaitra Krishna Saptami
ReasonSheetala Mata Ashtami.
CelebrationsVrat, Puja, Vrat Katha, Bhajan Kirtan, Sheetla Mata Pujan, Bhog Prasad.

बसौड़ा (शीतला अष्टमी) हिन्दी में पढ़ें

बासौडा, माता शीतला की पूजा को समर्पित त्यौहार हैं जो कि होली के अठवे दिन मनाया जाता है।..

When is Sheetala Ashtami?

Sheetala Saptami: Monday, April 1, 2024 [Delhi]
Shitala Saptami Puja Muhurat: 6:11am - 6:39pm

Saptami Tithi: 31 March 2024 9:30pm - 1 April 2024 9:09pm
Sheetala Ashtami: Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Shitala Ashtami Puja Muhurat: 6:10am - 6:40pm

Ashtami Tithi Start - 1 April 2024 9:09pm - 2 April 2024 8:08pm

Health-Related Beliefs

Some health-related motivations are also hidden in this fast:
After Sheetla Ashtami, the summer season begins, and eating stale food in summer poses a risk of disease. Therefore, after eating stale food on the day of Sheetla Ashtami, do not eat stale food any further.

Mata Sheetla is considered the Devi of health, so according to the beliefs, worshiping and fasting Mata Sheetla on Sheetla Ashtami cures diseases like smallpox, chicken pox and measles and keeps the devotee's body healthy.

Related Information

Futures Dates
11 March 2026
Yearly / Annual
2 Days
Begins Tithi
Chaitra Krishna Saptami
Ends Tithi
Chaitra Krishna Ashtami
Sheetala Mata Ashtami.
Vrat, Puja, Vrat Katha, Bhajan Kirtan, Sheetla Mata Pujan, Bhog Prasad.
Imp Places
Sheetala Mata Mandir, Mandir, Home.
Past Dates
2 April 2024, 15 March 2023, 25 March 2022, 4 April 2021
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