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Baba Mahakal was decorated as Rajarshi Shringar and garlanded with Makhana (बाबा महाकाल का राजर्षि श्रृंगार किया गया मखाने की माला पहनाया गया)

Baba Mahakal was decorated as Rajarshi Shringar and garlanded with Makhana
In the world famous Shri Mahakaleshwar temple today, on the sixth day of Jyeshtha Krishna Paksha, during the Bhasma Aarti early on Wednesday at four o'clock, as soon as the doors of the temple opened, priest worshiped the idols of all the Gods installed in the sanctum sanctorum and performed Jalabhishek of Lord Mahakal with panchamrit and fruit juice.
After Kapoor Aarti, Baba Mahakal was made to wear a new crown and head garland. The special thing in today's decoration was that on the coincidence of Shashthi Tithi and Wednesday, Baba Mahakal was decorated in a royal form in Bhasma Aarti, he was decorated with garlands of Tripund, Chandra, Tilak and Makhana and later he was covered with clothes and performed Bhasma Aarti. During this period thousands of devotees took advantage of the divine darshan of Baba Mahakal.

बाबा महाकाल का राजर्षि श्रृंगार किया गया मखाने की माला पहनाया गया हिन्दी में पढ़ें

श्री महाकालेश्वर मंदिर में आज ज्येष्ठ कृष्ण पक्ष की षष्ठी तिथि पर बाबा महाकाल का राजसी स्वरूप में शृंगार किया गया।
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