Top Famous Temple of Shikohabad (शिकोहाबाद के प्रसिद्ध मंदिर)

Top Famous Temple of Shikohabad

Started as Krishnapur with the name of Lord Shri Krishna, this small village has seen the cruelty challenging time of Mohammad Gauri and Dara Shikoh. To know the social and religious prosperity of the new generation of morden Shikohabad, Lets know about the famous temples..

Shikohabad Balaji @Shikohabad Uttar Pradesh

Shikohabad Balaji

Shri Balaji Maharaj Shakti Peeth Dham dedicated to Shri Hanuman Balaji. Newly constructed Jaharveer Darwar behind hawan shala dedicated to Baba Jaharveer Ji, Gogaji, Goagga or Gogga Ji.

Tuyian Wala Mandir @Shikohabad Uttar Pradesh

Tuyian Wala Mandir

Tuyian Wala Mandir having Lord Shiv temple in Mela Wala Bagh, as per native people of Shikohabad ~200 years before a Shivling is originated by own.

Shri Ram Mandir @Shikohabad Uttar Pradesh

Shri Ram Mandir

Shri Ram Mandir Shikohabad located in front of the Tuiyun Temple in the Mela Wala Bagh of Shikohabad, this newly constructed Shri Ram Temple is also known as the Tuiyyan Wale Ram Mandir.

Babadi Mandir Labhaua @Shikohabad Uttar Pradesh

Babadi Mandir Labhaua

The Shiv-Shakti temple attached with the Babadi built by the royal family of Labhaua Estate is known as Babadi Mandir Labhaua. Establishment of the temple is approximately 400 years old.

Shri Thakurji Shala @Shikohabad Uttar Pradesh

Shri Thakurji Shala

People of Kesari inspired by the spiritual power of Lord Shri Krishna and initiate a constrictive social platform.

Pagal Baba Mandir, Lakhanpura @Shikohabad Uttar Pradesh

Pagal Baba Mandir, Lakhanpura

Due to the un-doughtable and most dedicated contribution of Shri Shri 108 Shri Swami Pagaldas Ji Maharaj, local community of people labeled this holy place as Pagal Baba Mandir.

Sai Baba Mandir @Shikohabad Uttar Pradesh

Sai Baba Mandir

साईं बाबा मंदिर (Sai Baba Mandir) the center of the Sai devotees founded by Shri Brajraj Kishan Dikshit Ji in 20 oct 2010, situated in the middle heart of the Shikohabad near post office.

शिकोहाबाद के प्रसिद्ध मंदिर हिन्दी में पढ़ें

आज के शिकोहाबाद की नवीनतम पीढ़ी की सामाजिक एवं धार्मिक समृद्धि को जानने के लिए, जानते हैं यहाँ के प्रसिद्ध मंदिरों के बारे मे..
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