Why we use aam ki lakdi in hawan (हवन में आम की लकड़ी ही क्यों?)

Why mango wood is used in hawan?
The Arya Samaj considers Agnihotra to be the main act of life, even before Maharishi Dayanand, there were yagna reactions. Agnihotra is also taken as hawan, there is no law of worship without hawan in Sanatana Dharma. hawan can also be done in 10 to 15 minutes. hawan can be done anywhere in a clean and pure place, hawan can also be done with limited means.

Sacrificial device
In sacrificial instruments, household items such as contract, material, fire, camphor, cow ghee etc. are used. Therefore, the hawan can be easily performed by the Hawan-lover.

Yagna wood
In general! The wood is called wood. His name changes according to his work at a particular location. From the tree to the saw machine, the same wood pindi, varga and frame, then it becomes fuel. The same wood sometimes becomes a peg or a peg. The same wood comes to the sacrificial fire called the contract. Samidha i.e. Agni Dhan (+) Samvida or Samvida i.e. Yajna Wood.

Nature has presented many types of wood as gifts. But the use of mango wood in the yagna is considered very auspicious and beneficial.

Other alternatives to mango wood?
There is doubt about the availability of mango wood, so the sages have considered the wood of milk tree useful for use in the scriptures. Peepal, banyan and Pakhar etc. can be used in place of mangoes, as ash is produced directly after burning these wood. Non-milk wood makes coal, which is not auspicious for hawan.

Mango wood starts burning due to the removal of carbon dioxide in small amounts, being highly flammable and even when moist, air from hand fan. As much as possible, mango wood should be used in the sacrificial spirit according to the environment.

When mango wood burns, a gas called formic aldehyde is produced. Which kills the dangerous bacteria and bacteria, and purifies the environment.

If sitting in a hawan for half an hour or if there is contact with the body with the smoke of hawan, then dangerous diseases like typhoid also die and the body becomes clean.

Features of Yagna
Burning 1 kg of mango wood only did not reduce the viruses present in the air. But as soon as one kilogram of hawan material was burnt over it, within an hour the level of bacteria present in the chamber decreased by 95%.

Not only this, after examining the bacteria present in the air of the chamber, it was found that even 24 hours after opening the doors of the chamber and all the smoke was out, the level of bacteria was 86 percent less than normal.

According to a report, not only humans, but also the bacteria that damage vegetation and crops are destroyed by hawan. Due to which the use of chemical fertilizer in crops can be reduced.

हवन में आम की लकड़ी ही क्यों? हिन्दी में पढ़ें

सनातन धर्म में हवन के बिना पूजा का कोई विधान नहीं है। हवन को 10 से 15 मिनट में भी किया जा सकता है। हवन कहीं भी साफ-शुद्ध जगह किया जा सकता है,हवन को सीमित साधनों से भी किया जा सकता है।
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