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🐮Gopashtami - गोपाष्टमी

Gopashtami Date: Saturday, 9 November 2024

On Gopashtami Nanda Maharaja performed a ceremony for the cows and Shri Krishna when He reached the pauganda age. This was the day for Shri Krishna and Balarama to herd the cows for the first time.

Gopashtami is celebrated 7 days after famous festival Govardhan Puja.

स त्वां कृष्णाभिषेक्ष्यामि गावं वाक्यप्रचोदितः ।
उपेन्द्रत्वे गवामिन्द्रो गोविन्दस्त्वं भविष्यसि ॥ [ विष्णु पुराण 5/12/12 ]
भावार्थ- हे कृष्ण! अब मैं गौऔं के वाक्यानुसार ही आपका उपेंद्र पद पर अभिषेक करूँगा तथा आप गौऔं के इंद्र हैं, इसलिए आपका नाम गोविंद भी होगा।

Related NameGopashtmi, Gau Astami, Gopal Ashtami
Begins TithiKartik Shukla Ashtami
Reason Shri Krishna fall into pauganda (teen).
CelebrationsGau Puja, Bhajan-Kirtan, Nach-Gane

गोपाष्टमी हिन्दी में पढ़ें

जब भगवान श्री कृष्ण पौगंड अवस्था में पहुँचे, तब गोपाष्टमी के दिन नंद महाराजा ने गायों और श्रीकृष्ण जी के लिए एक समारोह किया।

Gopashtmi Parv Related Pauranik Kathayen!

First Katha:
This was the day Nanda Maharaja sent his children Krishna and Balarama to herd the cows for the first time. On Gopashtami, cows and their calf are decorated and worshipped. The ritual of worshipping cows and calf is similar to Govatsa Dwadashi in Maharashtra.

Second Katha:
According to Hindu mythology Lord Krishna suggested Braj people to stop annual offering made to God Indra. This angered Indra and he decided to flood Braj region. Lord Krishna lifted Gowardhan hill on His Knishtha on Gowardhan Puja day to save Braj people from fury of Indra. After seven days of unrelenting flooding of Braj region God Indra accepted his defeat on Gopashtami.

Third Katha:
As Srimati Radharani and Her friends wanted to enjoy the fun, and because of Her resemblance to Subala-sakha, She put on his dhoti and garments and joined Krishna. The other gopis joined in too.

Gopashtami Rituals

❀ On this festival, devotees wake up early in the morning to take bath and clean their places. ❀ The gowshalas has been well decorated with beautiful colours of rangoli and flowers.
❀ People mainly clean their cows and take them for long walks. The cow tilak ceremony is performed and jaggery, sweets, panchamrit, rice and water has been offered to cows.
❀They have been worshipped along with the calves. The aarti, parikrama is usually performed and then fresh green grass is given to the cows.
❀ It is popularly celebrated in various Gau Shalas and other holy places in Barsana, Mathura, Vrindavan, Braj Pradesh, Shri Krishna famous Mandir, Shrinathji Temple Nathdwara, ISKCON temples in all over India.

Related Information

Futures Dates
30 October 202517 November 20266 November 202725 October 202813 November 2029
Yearly / Annual
1 Days
Begins Tithi
Kartik Shukla Ashtami
October / November
लक्ष्मीर्या लोकपालानां धेनुरूपेण संस्थिता। घृतं वहति यज्ञार्थ मम पापं व्यपोहतु॥
Shri Krishna fall into pauganda (teen).
Gau Puja, Bhajan-Kirtan, Nach-Gane
Imp Places
Barsana, Mathura, Vrindavan, Braj Pradesh, Gaushala, Shri Krishna Mandir, Shrinathji Temple Nathdwara, ISKCON Temples
Past Dates
20 November 2023, 1 November 2022, 11 November 2021, 22 November 2020
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