🦁Narasimha Jayanti - नृसिंह जयंती

Narasimha Jayanti Date: Saturday, 14 May 2022
On Narasimha Chaturdashi Lord Vishnu appeared as Lord Narasimha in the form of a half lion and half man, to save His Bhakt Prahlad.

On the day of Narsingh Chaturdashi, Bhagwan Vishnu appeared in half-lion and half-human form to protect his devotee Prahlad, this form of Bhagwan was called Narsingh. The rules, guidelines and procedures of Vaishakh Shukla Chaturdashi festival i.e. Narasimha Jayanti Vrat (fast) are similar to the Ekadashi Vrat of Srihari.

A day before Narasimha Jayanti, devotees consume only one Prahar Bhojan (meal). All types of grains are prohibited during the fast of Narasimha Jayanti. Therefore, it is advisable to do puja at night and end the vrat only after doing visarjan (immersion) puja and dan-dakshina in the morning the next day.

Special worship of Bhagwan Narsingh should be done in the (Sandhya) evening. That is, before the end of the day and before the night begins, according to the Puranas, Bhagwan Narasimha appeared in this period.

Sandalwood is offered and anointed (Abhishek) exclusively in the worship of Bhagwan Narasimha. Narsingh is an incarnation of the form of the god of Bhagwan Vishnu. So sandalwood is offered to calm their anger. Which gives coolness. Abhishek done with milk, panchamrit and water is also done to pacify this raudra form.

Related Name
Narasimha Chaturdashi

नृसिंह जयंती हिन्दी में पढ़ें

नृसिंह चतुर्दशी के दिन भगवान विष्णु अपने भक्त प्रहलाद के रक्षण हेतु अर्ध सिंह व अर्ध मनुष्य रूप में प्रकट हुए, भगवान के इस रूप को नृसिंह कहा गया।

Bhagwan Narasimha Avatar Pauranik Katha

According to the Pauranik Katha, Hiranyakashyap had a (vardan) boon from Brahmaji that he could neither be killed by any human nor by any animal. Neither can be killed in the day, nor in the night, nor can be killed on the ground, nor in the sky. After getting this (Vardan) boon, ego got inside him. Come learn the full story of Bhagwan Narasimha avtar in Hindi!

Related Information

Futures Dates
4 May 202321 May 202411 May 202530 April 202618 May 20277 May 2028
Yearly / Annual
1 Days
Begins Tithi
Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi
Ends Tithi
Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi
April / May
Avtaran/Birth Anniversary of Lord Shri Narasimha.
Fast, Bhajan/Kirtan, Dan-Punya
Imp Places
Shri Vishnu Temple, Shri Laxmi Narayan Temple, ISKCON.
Past Dates
25 May 2021
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