Myanmar Stupa Temple

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म्यांमार स्तुप मंदिर (Myanmar Stupa Temple) - Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh - 274403

म्यांमार स्तुप मंदिर (Myanmar Stupa Temple) also called Burmese Temple built by Burmese monk.


Open / Close
5:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Photo Gallery

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Myanmar Stupa Temple

Myanmar Stupa Temple

Myanmar Stupa Temple


Basic Services
Drinking Water, Water Cooler, Office, Shose Store, Sitting Benches
Gautama Buddha
Yes (It's not ethical to capture photograph inside the temple when someone engaged in worship! Please also follow temple`s Rules and Tips.)

How To Reach Myanmar Stupa Temple

How to Reach
Road: Amawa Buzurg-Tendua Road / Gorakhpur-Kushinagar Road >> Buddha Marg
Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh - 274403
26.74105°N, 83.889677°E

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जय सरस्वती माता, मैया जय सरस्वती माता।
सदगुण वैभव शालिनी, त्रिभुवन विख्याता॥

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जय सन्तोषी माता, मैया जय सन्तोषी माता।
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आरती: श्री महावीर भगवान 3 | जय सन्मति देवा

जय सन्मति देवा, प्रभु जय सन्मति देवा।
वर्द्धमान महावीर वीर अति, जय संकट छेवा॥ ऊँ जय सन्मति देवा ॥