Unlock 1: Guidelines for Temples and Religious Places ( अनलॉक 1: मंदिरों एवं धार्मिक स्थानों के लिए दिशानिर्देश)

Unlock 1: Guidelines for Temples and Religious Places

After four phases of lockdown in the country due to Coronavirus, life has started to get back on track. The first phase of unlock-1 announced by the central government has started on 8th June 2020. Under this, permission has been given to open religious places across the country. Although guidelines have been issued for safety. It is also very important to take care of it.

Let's know what the atmosphere looked like at the religious places on the days of Unlock-1:
➾ Religious sites were opened only after cleaning and sanitizing. Where the priest appeared in the face mask, people got entry into the temple only after thermal screening in a limited number.

➾ According to the Centres guidelines, not more than five people are allowed inside at a time, while footwear cannot be clustered together. The guidelines also specifically mention that only asymptomatic people will be allowed inside. Social Distancing is mandatory.

➾ During this period neither Charanamrit nor flower garlands will be offered.

➾ Children and senior citizens prohibited from religious places as on medical concerns.

➾ All temples in Delhi reopen with all major precautions.

➾ After reopening of temples, the crowd of devotees gathered from Mahakal to Dwarkadhish.

➾ Tirupati Balaji temple in Andhra Pradesh has reopened on Monday. However, on the first day only employees and locals will be allowed to visit. It will open to all from 11 June.

After reopening of religious places devotees showed up in a large number at various places of worship across the country.

Remain Closed Temples:
☞ Major Temples like Kashi Vishwanath, Vaishno Devi and other famous temples still closed.

☞ Despite the guidelines of the Union Home Ministry, all religious places in Odisha have been closed. This order will continue here till June 30. The Jagannath Temple, Lingaraj and Ram temples of Bhubaneswar remained closed.

Bhaktibharat says take all the major precautions against coronavirus before entering into any religious place. Stay safe stay healthy!

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अगर आपको यह लेख पसंद आया, तो कृपया शेयर, लाइक या कॉमेंट जरूर करें!

* यदि आपको इस पेज में सुधार की जरूरत महसूस हो रही है, तो कृपया अपने विचारों को हमें शेयर जरूर करें: यहाँ शेयर करें
** आप अपना हर तरह का फीडबैक हमें जरूर शेयर करें, तब चाहे वह सकारात्मक हो या नकारात्मक: यहाँ शेयर करें

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