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What is Nakshatra and how is it important in our life? (नक्षत्र क्या है और यह हमारे जीवन में कैसे महत्वपूर्ण है?)

As the Moon orbits around the Earth, it also crosses a portion of the Sun's orbit at regular intervals. This crossing of classes occurs 28 times a year (sometimes 27 times). These 28 (or 27) cross-sections are called Nakshatras. In simple words, a Nakshatra (or a lunar mansion) is a segment of the Sun's path or ecliptic through which the Moon passes when it orbits around the Earth. Therefore, a total of 28 Nakshatras are defined in Vedic astrology.

The Name of the 28 Nakshatras are as follows:
◉ Ashwini
◉ Bharani
◉ Krittika
◉ Rohini
◉ Mrigashirsha
◉ Ardra
◉ Punarvasu
◉ Pushya
◉ Ashlesha
◉ Magha
◉ Purva Phalguni
◉ Uttara Phalguni
◉ Hasta
◉ Chitra
◉ Swati
◉ Vishakha
◉ Anuradha
◉ Jyeshta
◉ Moola
◉ Purva Ashadha
◉ Uttara Ashadha
◉ Shravana
◉ Dhanishta
◉ Satabhisha
◉ Purva Bhadrapada
◉ Uttara Bhadrapada
◉ Revati

Role of Nakshatras in Hindu Vedic Astrology
In Hindu astrology, Nakshatras play a very important role. Once the child is born, they should be given an auspicious name corresponding to the Nakshatra of the child. This procedure should be seen in which nakshatra the moon is at the time of birth. With this, you will get four different sounds and you will be able to choose one sound from the four which is related to the division of pada or nakshatra. Each Nakshatra has four padas and each pada is of equal width. The Moon will remain in each Nakshatra for about a day.

A Nakshatra shows us the direction of nature's energy flow. Ancient cultures often used it as a part of their calendar or date system.

Nakshatras are specific to Vedic astrology and, as explained, are directly linked to the movement of the Moon. The Moon is often associated with feelings and emotions, in contrast to the Sun, which is more associated with actions than feelings. Hence predictions based on lunar astrology are far more accurate.

नक्षत्र क्या है और यह हमारे जीवन में कैसे महत्वपूर्ण है? हिन्दी में पढ़ें

जैसे ही चंद्रमा पृथ्वी के चारों ओर परिक्रमा करता है, यह भी नियमित अंतराल पर सूर्य की कक्षा के एक हिस्से को पार करता है। कक्षाओं का यह पार करना एक वर्ष में 28 बार (कभी-कभी 27 बार) होता है। इन 28 (या 27) क्रॉस-सेक्शन को नक्षत्र कहा जाता है।
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