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What is Rudravishek? (रुद्राभिषेक क्या है ?)

The literal meaning of the word Rudrabhishek is - to bathe or to make. Rudrabhishek means the consecration of Bhagwan Rudra, that is, the anointing of the Shivling with the mantras of Rudra. This holy-bath is offered to Rudrarup Shiva. At present, Abhishek is believed in the form of Rudrabhishek. There are many forms and types of consecration. The best way to please Shiva is to do Rudrabhishek or get it done by the best Brahmin scholars. Anyway, Bhagwan Shiva is considered to be water-loving by holding the Ganges in his hair.
Why is Rudrabhishek done?
According to Rudrashtadhyayi, Shiva is Rudra and Rudra is Shiva. Rutam-duhkham, dravayati-nasayatitirudra: That is, Shiva, who is revered in the form of Rudra, ends all our sorrows very soon. In fact, the reason for the misery we suffer is all of us ourselves, we suffer only as a result of our unintentional conduct against nature.

Complete method of Rudrabhishek
Eleven repetitions of Rudra's Ekadashini of Rudrashtadhyayi are recited. This is called Laghu Rudra. This is the worship done with Panchamrit. This puja is considered very important. The worship is done by a learned Brahmin by effective mantras and scriptural method. By doing this worship one gets rid of the troubles and negative energy in life.

Benefits of Rudrabhishek
According to Shiva Purana, what is the result of anointing with which substance, that is, for the purpose for which you are getting Rudrabhishek, which substance should be used, it has been mentioned in Shiva Purana, its detailed description is presented. I am doing and requesting you to get Rudrabhishek done accordingly, you will get full benefits. Rudrabhishek is done with many substances and Rudrabhishek done with each substance is capable of giving different results which are as follows.

How to do rudrabhishek
1) Abhishek with water
To get rid of all kinds of sorrows, anoint Bhagwan Shiva with water - Meditate on the child form of Bhagwan Shiva - Fill 'pure water' in a copper vessel and apply kumkum tilak on the vessel- Offer some petals of flowers while chanting Om Indraya Namah - Chanting Panchakshari Mantra Om Namah Shivaya

2) Abhishek with milk
Abhishek with milk to please Shiva and get his blessings- Meditate on the 'luminous' form of Bhagwan Shiva- Fill 'milk' in a copper vessel and apply kumkum tilak on all four sides- Om Shri Kamdhenve Nama While chanting, tie Molly on the vessel.

3) Fruit juice
Anoint Bhagwan Shiva with fruit juice for unbroken wealth gain and freedom from all kinds of debts - Meditate on the 'blue throat' form of Bhagwan Shiva - Fill 'sugarcane juice' in a copper vessel and surround the vessel. And then do the tilak of kumkum – while chanting Om Kuberaya Namah, tie a molly on the vessel.

4) Abhishek with mustard oil
To destroy the obstacles, anoint Bhagwan Shiva with mustard oil- Meditate on the 'Pralayankar' form of Bhagwan Shiva- Fill 'mustard oil' in a copper vessel and apply kumkum tilak from all four sides- Om Bhairavai Tie the molly on the vessel while chanting Om Namah Shivaya.

5) Chana dal
Abhishek of Bhagwan Shiva with gram dal for the beginning of any auspicious work and progress in work – Meditate on the ‘samadhi’ form of Bhagwan Shiva – Fill the pot with ‘gram lentils’ in a copper vessel. Make a tilak of kumkum from all sides – while chanting Om Yakshanathay Namah, tie a molly on the vessel.

6) Abhishek with black sesame
To destroy the system barrier and to protect from evil eye, do anointing with black sesame - Do mental meditation of 'Nilvarna' form of Bhagwan Shiva - Filling 'black sesame' in a copper vessel and doing kumkum tilak from all four sides- While chanting Om Kaleshwaraya Namah, tie the molly on the vessel.

7) Honey mixed Ganges water
Abhishek with honey mixed Ganga water to get children and family happiness - Do mental meditation of 'Chandramouleshwar' form of Bhagwan Shiva - Fill "honey mixed Ganga water" in a copper vessel and do kumkum tilak from all sides. – While chanting Om Chandrase Namah, tie a molly on the vessel.

8) Ghee and honey
Abhishek with ghee and honey for the destruction of diseases and long life - Do mental meditation on the 'Tryambak' form of Bhagwan Shiva - Filling 'ghee and honey' in a copper vessel, apply kumkum tilak from all sides. While chanting Dhanvantarai Namah, tie a molly on the vessel-

9) Kumkum Kesar Turmeric
To get an attractive personality, anoint Bhagwan Shiva with Kumkum Kesar Haldi - Meditate on the 'Neelkanth' form of Bhagwan Shiva - Fill the pot with 'Kumkum Kesar Haldi and Panchamrit' in a copper vessel and do Kumkum tilak from all sides. - While chanting 'Om Umayi Namah', tie the molly on the vessel.

Rudrabhishek can be performed in Jyotirlinga-kshetra and pilgrimage place and in Shivaratri-Pradosh, Mondays of Shravan etc. without considering Shiva's residence. In fact, the Abhishek of Shivling pleases Ashutosh Shiva quickly and makes the seeker his favored person and all his problems automatically end. Therefore, we can say that Rudrabhishek washes away all the sins of a human being.

Brahma ji himself, the creator of the universe, has also said that when we do abhishek, then Mahadev himself receives that abhishek. There is no such thing, splendor, happiness in the world which we cannot get by doing Rudrabhishek or getting it done.

Har Har Mahadev!

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