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📿Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti - आदि शंकराचार्य जयंती

Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti Date: Sunday, 12 May 2024
Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti

The birthday of Adi Guru Shankaracharya is celebrated as Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti. Guru Shankaracharya was an Indian guru and philosopher, he was born in a place called Kalpi in Kerala. Adya Shankaracharya is considered as an incarnation of Bhagwan Shiv.

Adi Guru Shankaracharya expanded the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. He interpreted and reinterpreted the primary principles of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the Brahmasutras, such as Hindu scriptures.

He established four monasteries (four Mathas) in the four corners of India to revive Hinduism. Which are still considered the most sacred and authentic institutions of Hinduism, whose names are respectively

1. Jyotirmath, Badrinath
2. Vedant Gyanmath or Sringeri Peeth
3. Sharda Math, Dwarka
4. Govardhan Math, Jagannath Dham

Begins TithiVaisakha Shukla Panchami
ReasonBirth Anniversary of Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti
CelebrationsHavan, Puja, Satsang

आदि शंकराचार्य जयंती हिन्दी में पढ़ें

आदि गुरु शंकराचार्य के जन्म दिवस को उनकी जयंती के रूप में मनाया जाता है। गुरु शंकराचार्य भारतीय गुरु और दार्शनिक थे, उनका जन्म केरल के कालपी नामक स्थान पर हुआ था।...

About Adi Shankaracharya

Shankar Acharya was born in a village called Kalpi in Kerala, his father's name was Shivguru Bhatt and mother's name was Subhadra. He became a learned scholar at the age of 6, and he retired at the age of eight. At the young age of 32, he died near Kedarnath.

Surdas Jyanti

Surdas Jyanti

Related Information

Yearly / Annual
1 Days
Begins Tithi
Vaisakha Shukla Panchami
April / May
Birth Anniversary of Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti
Havan, Puja, Satsang
Imp Places
All Four Char Dham
Past Dates
25 April 2023, 6 May 2022, 17 May 2021, 28 April 2020

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Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti

Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti

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