🚩Bada Mangal - बड़ा मंगल

Bada Mangal Date: Tuesday, 9 May 2023
Bada Mangal

All Tuesdays falling in the month of Jeth (Jyestha) in eastern Uttar Pradesh, in which the major cities of Kanpur, Lucknow and Varanasi are called Bada Mangal. In some places, the devotees also know it by the name of Budhe Mangal.

On this day Sankat Mochan Shri Hanumant Lal is worshiped in Hanuman and Balaji temple, Sundar Kand recitation, Hanuman Chalisa recitation and Chola is offered to Hanuman ji. After worshiping, on the day of Bada Mangal, Hanuman devotees arrange Bhandara, Lassi, Thandai and Pyau by placing pandals at different places at the crossroads.

Celebrated in the month of Jyeshtha, this bada mangal is celebrated mainly in Unnao, Kanpur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Sitapur, Barabanki, Sultanpur, Pratapgarh, Rae Bareilly and Prayagraj districts with great pomp.

There is the same idea, feeling and logic behind considering Budhwa Mangal and bada mangal. Just the time to celebrate these two festivals is somewhat different in different places and ideology. Budhwa Mangal is celebrated in North India on the last Tuesday of Bhadrapada month. On the other hand, in some places, Bada Mangal is known as Budha Mangal or Budhwa Mangal.

Related NameBudha Mangal
Begins TithiJyaistha Monday
CelebrationsBhandare, Free Food, Fast, Pooja, Vrat Kath, Bhajan Kirtan, Hanuman Sinduri Chola.

बड़ा मंगल हिन्दी में पढ़ें

पूर्वी उत्तर प्रदेश जिनमे प्रमुख शहर कानपुर, लखनऊ एवं वाराणसी में जेठ(ज्येष्ठ) मास में पड़ने वाले सभी मंगलवार को बड़ा मंगल कहा जाता है।

Related Information

Next Dates(2023)
9 May 202316 May 202323 May 202330 May 2023
Weekly in The Month of Shravana - Yearly/Annual
1 Days
Begins Tithi
Jyaistha Monday
Bhandare, Free Food, Fast, Pooja, Vrat Kath, Bhajan Kirtan, Hanuman Sinduri Chola.
Imp Places
Kanpur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, North India, Hanuman Mandir.
Past Dates
Fifth Budha Mangal: 14 June 2022, Fourth Budha Mangal: 7 June 2022, Third Budha Mangal: 31 May 2022, Second Budha Mangal: 24 May 2022, First Budha Mangal: 17 May 2022
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Bada Mangal 2023 Dates

9 May 2023
16 May 2023
23 May 2023
30 May 2023


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