📿Dadhichi Jayanti - दधीचि जयंती

Dadhichi Jayanti Date: Sunday, 4 September 2022

In ancient times, the birth of the supreme ascetic Maharishi Dadhichi, son of sage Atharva and mother Shanti, is celebrated as Dadhichi Jayanti on the Ashtami of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha. The example of Maharishi Dadhichi, who sacrifices everything to protect the interests of his evil enemy, is not found anywhere else in the world.

Devraj Indra`s Bajra was formed from the bones of Maharishi Dadhichi and the demon Vritrasura was killed. In this way, Devraj Indra was saved by the sacrifice and selfless donation of a great benevolent sage, the three worlds were saved and Indra got his place again.

दधीचि जयंती हिन्दी में पढ़ें

प्राचीन काल में ऋषि अथर्वा एवं माता शांति के पुत्र परम तपस्वी महर्षि दधीचि का जन्म भाद्रपद शुक्ल पक्ष की अष्टमी को दधीचि जयंती के रूप में मनाया जाता है।

Related Information

Futures Dates
23 September 202311 September 202431 August 2025
Yearly / Annual
1 Days
Begins Tithi
Bhadrapada Shukla Ashtami
Ends Tithi
Bhadrapada Shukla Ashtami
August / September
Past Dates
14 September 2021
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