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🪕Matangi Jayanti - मातङ्गी जयंती

Matangi Jayanti Date: Friday, 10 May 2024
Matangi Jayanti

Devi Matangi Jayanti is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Tritiya of Baisakh month. Devotees worship Devi Matangi and perform religious ceremonies. Devi Matangi, considered as the ninth of the important ten Mahavidyas, is also known as 'Tantrik Saraswati'. According to the Hindu calendar, Matangi Jayanti falls on Asha Tritiya. Parshuram Jayanti is also celebrated on this day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu.

When will Matangi Jayanti be celebrated?
Matangi Jayanti will be celebrated on Sunday, 23 April 2023, on the date of Vaishakh Shukla Paksha Tritiya.

Rituals of Matangi Jayanti
On this day, the idol is placed on the altar by the devotees to worship the Devi. Once this was done, lit a lamp and started the ritual. Sacred food is prepared by the devotees and offered to the deity along with flowers, coconuts and garlands. Then the devotees perform aarti and chant mantras, later the prasad is distributed among the devotees.

Story of Matangi Jayanti
In the form of Bhagwan Shiva, Devi Matangi wears a crescent moon on her forehead, and her forearms are directed towards the four directions. Hence she is also known as Vagdevi. According to Hindu mythology, Devi Matangi is also a form of Devi Saraswati. According to Brahmayal a sage named Matang did a lot of penance and hardships in Kandbavan, due to which a divine and bright light came from his eyes and he assumed the form of a woman. Since then, this woman is regarded as the daughter of sage Matang and thus came to be known as Matangi.

Significance of Matangi Jayanti
It is believed that by worshiping Devi Matangi, devotees get all the pleasures of life, get rid of all fear and sufferings and get all their wishes and desires fulfilled. Devotees worship Devi Matangi to achieve excellence in fine arts, dance and music.

Begins TithiVaishakh Shukla Tritiya

मातङ्गी जयंती हिन्दी में पढ़ें

देवी मातंगी जयंती बैसाख मास की शुक्ल पक्ष तृतीया को मनाई जाती है। भक्त देवी मातंगी की पूजा और धार्मिक समारोह करते हैं।

Related Information

Yearly / Annual
1 Days
Begins Tithi
Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya
April / May
Past Dates
23 April 2023, 3 May 2022
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