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🥥Coconut Day - नारली पूर्णिमा

Narali Purnima Date: Monday, 19 August 2024
Narali Purnima

The word Narali means coconut and Purnima means full moon day. Coconut has an important purpose on this day. The festival of Narali Purnima coincides with other festivals such as Shravani Purnima, Raksha Bandhan and Kajari Purnima. Although the traditions and cultures may differ, the significance of the festivals remains the same. In North India, the festival of Rakhi is celebrated on the day of Raksha Bandhan i.e. on the full moon of Shravan, while in South India the festival of Coconut Purnima is celebrated in the coastal regions.

On the day of Narali Purnima, devotees worship Bhagwan Varun. Coconut is offered to the god of the sea on this occasion. It is believed that performing puja rituals on Shravan Purnima can please Bhagwan Varuna. Devotees seek protection from all dangers of the sea. The Upanayana and Yagnopaveet rituals are among the most widely followed rituals. Devotees also worship Bhagwan Shiva on Narali Purnima as it is believed that the three eyes of the coconut are a representation of the three-eyed Bhagwan Shiva.

In South India, every section of society celebrates this festival in its own way. On this day the wearers of the thread change their thread. For this reason, this festival is also called Abittam. It is also called Shravani or Rishi Tarpan.

The festival of Narali Purnima is particularly performed by the Hindu fisheries community. They celebrate it for the coming year which will be full of happiness, joy and wealth.

Related NameNarali Purnima, Nariyal Diwas, Nariyal Purnima, Nariyal Day
Begins TithiShravana Shukla Purnimai

नारली पूर्णिमा हिन्दी में पढ़ें

नारली पूर्णिमा का त्योहार विशेष रूप से हिंदू मत्स्य समुदाय द्वारा किया जाता है। वे इसे आने वाले वर्ष के लिए मनाते हैं जो खुशी, आनंद और धन से भरा होगा।

Related Information

Futures Dates
9 August 202528 August 202617 August 2027
Yearly / Annual
1 Days
Begins Tithi
Shravana Shukla Purnimai
Ends Tithi
Shravana Shukla Purnimai
July / August
Imp Places
Indian Coastal Regions, South India
Past Dates
31 August 2023, 12 August 2022, 22 August 2021, 3 August 2020
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