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Temples in Morena ( मुरैना के विश्व प्रसिद्ध मंदिर)

Temples in Morena
Let's know about the ancient, historical and architectural world famous temples of Morena district of Madhya Pradesh.

Sanichara Mandir @Morena Madhya Pradesh

Sanichara Mandir

Shanichara temple situated on Shani mountain near Ainti village of Morena district of Madhya Pradesh is the tapobhoomi of Shanidev Maharaj. The mention of Mount Shani comes from Treta Yuga itself.

Chausath Yogini Temple @Morena Madhya Pradesh

Chausath Yogini Temple

The Parliament building of India is inspired by its architecture. There are total 5 circumambulation paths in the interior. The temple was built by Maharaj Devpal in 1323 AD.

Kakanmath @Morena Madhya Pradesh


This Temple Comes Under the National Protected Monument. Established for Kachhapaghat Ruler Kirtiraj Queen Kaknavati. According to Legend, The Temple Was Built by Ghosts in a Single Night..

Bateshwar Temple, Morena @Morena Madhya Pradesh

Bateshwar Temple, Morena

Bateshwar Group of Temples, Bateshwar Temple Morena, Bateshwar Hindu Temple Complex is located in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. Around 200 temples dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti.

मुरैना के विश्व प्रसिद्ध मंदिर हिन्दी में पढ़ें

आइए जानें मध्य प्रदेश के मुरैना जिला के प्राचीन, ऐतिहासिक एवं वास्तु के लिए विश्व प्रसिद्ध मंदिरों के बारे में..
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