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What to do in Pavitra Kartik Maas? (पवित्र कार्तिक मास में क्या करें?)

What to do in Pavitra Kartik Maas?
Kartik maas (month) is the holiest month for Hindus, this month’s Adhistatri Devi is Srimati Radharani. Any spiritual activity we do this month is going to please Srimati Radharani. And if Radha is pleased then Bhagwan Shri Krishna is pleased. This year Kartik month (Kartik maas) 2022 begins on 10th Oct and ends on 8th Nov.
Pouranik Katha:
According to Scand Puran “ As Satyug is the best of yugas (ages), as the Vedas are the best among scriptures, as Ganga is best of rivers, so Kartik is the best of months, the dearest to Bhagwan Shri Krishna”. Bhagwan Shri Krishna says, “ Of all plants, the sacred Tulasi is most dear to Me; of all months, Kartik is most dear, of all places of pilgrimage, My beloved Dwarka is most dear, and of all days, Ekadashi is most dear.” (Padma Purana, Uttara Khand 112 .3 )

This month is also known as Damodar Maas.

What to Do in this Holi Month:
❀ Chant 16 rounds of:
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare
❀ Offer a lamp during the month of Kartik, sins of many thousands and millions of births perish in half an eye blink. Even if there are no mantras, no pious deeds, and no purity, everything becomes perfect when a person offers a lamp during the month of Kartik.
❀ Read Damodar Astakam. Daily read scriptures either Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhagavad Gita or any of Srila Prabhupada’s books.
❀ Try to visit the temple and participate with the devotees in offering lamps to the Bhagwan.
Chanting, singing, dancing and offering lamps to the deities in the temple is always very pleasing and brings joy to our hearts.
❀ During this month try to eat only prasad i.e. food offered to the Bhagwan.
❀ Donate to the poor as per your capability.
❀ Worship the Sacred Tulsi Plant.

If we observe the auspicious Kartik month as per the guidelines of scriptures then we will attain success in our spiritual life. We will attract the mercy of Krishna and Radharani.

पवित्र कार्तिक मास में क्या करें? हिन्दी में पढ़ें

कार्तिक मास (माह) हिंदुओं के लिए सबसे पवित्र महीना है, इस महीने की अधिष्ठात्री देवी श्रीमती राधारानी हैं। 10 अक्टूबर से प्रारंभ होकर 8 नवंबर को समाप्त होगा।
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