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Why is there a tradition of getting up in Brahma Muhurta? (ब्रह्म मुहूर्त में उठने की परंपरा क्यों है?)

According to our Vedas, Puranas and Shastras, the time of Brahmamuhurta is between 3.30 am to 5.30 am. This is an opportune time for meditation. Brahmamuhurta time is of utmost importance, it gives the body a good energy boost to keep up with the busy day. This pre-dawn time frame is considered the ideal time to start any important spiritual work. This "godly moment" is known to be beneficial for many reasons, from its ability to increase concentration and creativity to its calming mental effects and its ability to improve overall health.
Description of Brahmamuhurta in the scriptures:

वर्णं कीर्तिं मतिं लक्ष्मीं स्वास्थ्यमायुश्च विदन्ति ।
ब्राह्मे मुहूर्ते संजाग्रच्छि वा पंकज यथा ॥

By getting up in Brahma Muhurta, a person gets beauty, Lakshmi, intelligence, health, age etc. By doing this the body becomes beautiful like a lotus.

प्रातारत्नं प्रातरिष्वा दधाति तं चिकित्वा प्रतिगृह्यनिधत्तो ।
तेन प्रजां वर्धयमान आयू रायस्पोषेण सचेत सुवीर: ॥ [ऋग्वेद-1/125/1]

The person who wakes up before the sun rises in the morning has good health. That's why intelligent people do not waste this time. A person who wakes up early in the morning is healthy, happy, strong and lives long.

यद्य सूर उदितोऽनागा मित्रोऽर्यमा ।
सुवाति सविता भग: ॥ [सामवेद-35]

A person should defecate and bathe in the morning before sunrise. After this one should worship God. The pure and clean air of this time increases health and wealth.

उद्यन्त्सूर्यं इव सुप्तानां द्विषतां वर्च आददे । [अथर्ववेद- 7/16/२]

Those who do not wake up or wake up even after the sun rises, their glory ends.

Importance of Brahma Muhurta
Brahma Muhurta is considered the best time in Hinduism. The sages who used to be sage in mythological times considered this time appropriate for meditation. The worship of God done at this time gives quick results. The doors of the temples are also opened in the Brahma Muhurta. According to the Puranas, sleeping at this time destroys the virtues of Brahma Muhurta. Sleeping is prohibited at this time.

A person who wakes up in Brahma Muhurta becomes successful, happy and prosperous. So if you want to be healthy and successful, wake up in Brahma Muhurta.

ब्रह्म मुहूर्त में उठने की परंपरा क्यों है? हिन्दी में पढ़ें

ब्रह्म मुहूर्त में उठने से व्यक्ति को सुंदरता, लक्ष्मी, बुद्धि, स्वास्थ्य, आयु आदि की प्राप्ति होती है। ब्रह्ममुहूर्त समय अत्यधिक महत्वपूर्ण समय होता है, यह शरीर को व्यस्त दिन के साथ बनाए रखने के लिए एक अच्छी ऊर्जा को बढ़ावा देता है।
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