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🌙Chandra Navami - चंद्र नवमी

Chandra Navami Date: Thursday, 12 September 2024
Chandra Navami

The Navami of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month is celebrated as Shri Chandra Navami. In Vedic astrology, Chandra (Moon) is said to be the karak planet of the mind. Chandra governs the mind. It brings a flurry of emotions. It can strengthen someone's mental state, it can also spoil someone's condition. It is also the karak Grah of the mata (Means: the mother is directly related to the moon planet. In astrology, the moon is considered a female planet. The karak of both the mind and the mata is the chandra grah).

Why Chandra Navami Vrat is celebrated?
If the Chandra is bad in the horoscope of a person, then he remains unstable and gets distracted on talk. And if Chandra is strong, then the person is a conscious decision maker and is happy everywhere. If the Chandra is also in a bad position in your horoscope, then you must worship the Chandra Devta on Chandra Navami. Along with this, some special measures can also be taken by which Chandra becomes strong.

How to do Perform Chandra Navami Vrat?
⦿ A fast is held on the day of Chandra Navami. Those who keep the fast of Chandra Navami, they should wake up early in the morning before sunrise and retire from the bath and make a resolution of Chandra Navami fast in front of Bhagwan in their worship room.
⦿ After this, keep fast for the whole day, you can eat fruits.
⦿ When the Chandra rises in the night, have darshan of the Chandra, offer water and akshat, and break the fast by wishing for the destruction of all your troubles.

Benefits of Chandra Navami Vrat:
⦿ Those people whose Chandra is in a bad position in their horoscope, they are weak, they must observe this fast for the strength of Chandra.
⦿ On the day of Chandra Navami, making a silver Chandra and wearing it around the neck strengthens the Chandra.
⦿ People with weak mental conditions should make an eight carat pearl in a silver ring and wear it on the junior finger.
⦿ If there is a weak financial condition, then install Chandra Yantra in the house on the day of Chandra Navami. This will soon remove the shortage of money.
⦿ On the day of Chandra Navami, keep a square piece of silver in the safe of your house, your financial condition will start improving.

Related NameChandra Navami Vrat, Udasin Sampraday Festival
Begins TithiBhadrapada Shukla Navami
ReasonUdasin Sampraday Festival, Dedicated to The Moon
CelebrationsVrat, Pooja, Bhajan-Kirtan, Udasin Ashram Prayers.

चंद्र नवमी हिन्दी में पढ़ें

भाद्रपद मास के शुक्ल पक्ष की नवमी को श्री चंद्र नवमी के रूप में मनाया जाता है। इस वर्ष चंद्र नवमी 05 सितंबर 2022 को मनाई जाएगी।

Chandra Navami Utsav is the main festival of the Udasin Sampraday:

5 September 2022
Chandra Navami festival is dedicated to Chandra ji, the originator of the Udasin Sampraday. All the social welfare work done by Srichand ji with his thoughts and works is still established as an ideal. Whatever research and new ideas came in the field of religion by Shri Chandra ji, they are all guides even today. The time period of Chandji is believed to be between 1494-1643. Shri Chandra Ji was born in the house of Guru Nanak Dev Ji of the Sikhs. Like his father, Shri Chandra ji also showed the spirit of public welfare above all through his actions.

The Udasin Sampraday also maintains the importance of the five elements from Vedic times and worships water, fire, earth, air, sky.

There are four branches of the Udasin Sampraday with Bahadurpur Phool Sahib, Charankaul near Anandpur of Baba Hassan, Nainital branch of Almast Sahib Puri, Shikarpur branch of Govind Sahib. All these branches of ideologies also seem to be different from each other. All the branches also seem to be independent of each other.

Related Information

Futures Dates
1 September 202520 September 2026
Yearly / Annual
Begins Tithi
Bhadrapada Shukla Navami
August / September
Udasin Sampraday Festival, Dedicated to The Moon
Vrat, Pooja, Bhajan-Kirtan, Udasin Ashram Prayers.
Imp Places
Home, Udasin Aashram.
Past Dates
24 September 2023, 5 September 2022
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