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Dwarka Sector 13 Metro Station Delhi

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Dwarka Sector 13 Metro StationIn Delhi Metro’s Blue line, Dwarka Sector 13 metro station is located.

Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish Mandir, Shri Sidhivinayak Mandir are most nearest famous temples to Dwarka Sector 13 metro station. This station is just opposite the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Dwarka Sector 13 called due to the nearest Dwarka sector 13, also nearby Dwarka Sector 17. Three different banks ATM with the food court and Magic Auto Pvt Ltd... Reliance Mall, Hotel Shaurya, Raj Fast N Food Restaurant, MRV School, Abhinav Global School and Pragati Public School are nearby places from this metro station.

Mandir Near Dwarka Sector 13 Metro Station

Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish Mandir @Delhi New Delhi

Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish Mandir

श्री श्री रुक्मिणी द्वारकाधीश मंदिर (Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish Mandir) having a unique cultural and vedic education center near metro station, also known as ISKCON Dwarka.

Shri Sidhivinayak Mandir @Delhi New Delhi

Shri Sidhivinayak Mandir

श्री सिद्धिविनायक मंदिर (Shri Sidhivinayak Mandir) shows the love of Shri Devki Nandan Kalra towards his mother, and initiate a huge Shri Ganesh murti (statue) in 2012.

Services & Route

Blue Line
Previous Station Dwarka Sector 14
Structure Type elevated
Platform side
Open Since 2006
Next Station Dwarka Sector 12
Punjab National BankPunjab and Sind BankCanara Bank
Yes (Paid Service)
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