Adhura Punya (अधूरा पुण्य)

Adhura Punya

✔ All Day Worship With Bhog, Flowers, Chunri, Etc. - Punya
✖ After Worship, Throwing All the Ingredients Under the Tree or River to Create Filthiness - Incomplete Punya
Would God Have Pleased You?

✔ Went to Temple Duly Worshiped - Punya
✖ Keeping the Shoes Unorganised Way - Incomplete Punya

✔ Invited Millions and Feed Thousands - Punya
✖ And Preparing Low Quality Food or Did Not Pay Attention to Cleanliness - Incomplete Punya

✔ Jagran / Bhagvad Katha, Prepared Bhog to Feed People - Punya
✖ Inconvenience Caused to the People by Installing Tents in Road ... To Install Tents Creating Holes in Road - Incomplete Punya

✔ Celebrate Festivals, Distribute Gifts and Sweets, Greet People - Punya
✖ Pollution Caused by Firecrackers, Spreading Dirt, Traffic Chaos - Incomplete Punya

✔ You Have Fed Thousands by Bhandara- Punya
✖ But Left the Litter Plates and Create Dirt - Incomplete Punya

✔ Went to the Temple, Offered Flowers, Offered Prasad - Punya
✖ Poly-bag, Useless Empty Boxes Left There - Incomplete Punya
Would God Have Pleased You?

✔ Offered Coconut, Distributed Among People, Worshiped - Punya
✖ But Left the Coconut Waste - Incomplete Punya

✔ For Journey Choose Metro Rather Than Car - Punya
✖ Started Eating Food in the Metro Itself - Incomplete Punya

✔ Treating Animals Brought Them Up, Served Them - Punya
✖ But They Made a Mess in the Road / Street - Incomplete Punya

Do Not Leave Your Punya Incomplete, Complete the Punya…
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan - (Not a Single) Two Steps Towards Cleanliness !!

अधूरा पुण्य हिन्दी में पढ़ें

दिनभर पूजा की भोग, फूल, चुनरी, आदि सामिग्री चढ़ाई - पुण्य; पूजा के बाद, गन्दिगी के लिए समान पेड़/नदी के पास फेंक दिया - अधूरा पुण्य

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