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What is the Niladri Bije ritual of Bhagwan Jagannath? (भगवान जगन्नाथ का नीलाद्रि बीजे अनुष्ठान क्या है?)

What is the Niladri Bije ritual of Bhagwan Jagannath?

The abode of the Hindu deity Jagannath in Puri is known as Nilachal or Neeladri. Neeladri Bije marks the end of the annual Rath Yatra festival and the return of Bhagwan Jagannath to the sanctum or else you can tell a sweet story between Bhagwan Jagannath and his beloved wife Maa Mahalakshmi.

At the end of the Rath Yatra festival, Bhagwan Jagannath and his siblings- Bhagwan Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra return to their abode. This ritual is known as Neeladri Beej. But, the day holds a significant significance as it signifies the heavenly love and affection between Bhagwan Jagannath and his consort Devi Lakshmi. On the day of Niladri Bije ceremony, Bhagwan along with his brother and sister return to Shri Mandir in Goti Pahandi in chariots. It is a procession of the Holy Trinity from the chariots to the Ratna Singhasan (sanctum sanctorum).

How is the Niladri Bije ritual performed?
After offering evening aarti to the deities at Neeladri Bije, Charmals are fixed for each of the three chariots. The sevak offer Pushpanjali (floral offerings) to the deities at Taldhwaja, Nandighosh and Darpadalan and perform the "Doralagi" ritual.

First, Bhagwan Sudarshan is taken to the stage in a grand procession. Later, there is a Pahandi of Bhagwan Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. And finally, begins the Pahandi of Bhagwan Jagannath, the Bhagwan of the universe.

When Bhagwan Jagannath reaches the feet of Nandighosa, Devi Lakshmi appears on a dambru (a special musical instrument), which is placed on a sacred bed.

Devi Lakshmi, who is already troubled, closes the Jai-Bijay door. She gets angry because Bhagwan Jagannath was not accompanied during the annual Rath Yatra festival. A quarrel breaks out between the sevak on behalf of Mata Lakshmi and the sevak on behalf of Bhagwan Jagannath. In the midst of the fight, Bhagwan Jagannath assures Devi Lakshmi that he will not repeat it again and offers Rasogolla as a gift. Thereafter, Devi Lakshmi instructs them to open the doors of Jai-Bijay.

The world famous Rath Yatra festival of the Holy Trinity culminates with the Niladri Bije ritual. The festival of Neeladri Baje is also celebrated as Rasgulla Day in Odisha.

भगवान जगन्नाथ का नीलाद्रि बीजे अनुष्ठान क्या है? हिन्दी में पढ़ें

नीलाद्रि बीजे, वार्षिक रथ यात्रा उत्सव के अंत और भगवान जगन्नाथ की गर्भगृह में वापसी को चिह्नित करता है या फिर आप भगवान जगन्नाथ और उनकी प्यारी पत्नी माँ महालक्ष्मी के बीच एक प्यारी सी कहानी बता सकते हैं।
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