Significance of temples and Ashram in election (चुनाव में मंदिर, मठ एवं आश्रमों का महत्व)

Significance of temples and Ashram in election

It is believed that Sanatan lovers are a decisive factor in victory in every election. And these temples, monasteries and ashrams are the center of these Sanatan lovers. The victory of political candidates is determined by numbers. Therefore, as soon as elections come, political candidates are automatically drawn to Hindu temples, monasteries and ashrams.

Some of the main reasons for the further attraction of the religious places to the candidates are
1) The likelihood of mass voters being easily inclined towards them together.
2) Or sometimes the candidate's own religious belief is also the reason for this.
3) To reach the voter the message of appearing more pious or social than his opponent.

It is believed that the election issue of Ayodhya's Ram temple was the biggest factor in the rise of the BJP. Now on the lines of BJP, other parties are also standing in perfect harmony. Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has also suddenly started Bhakti Yatras to offer prayers in various Hindu temples. Honorable Shri Akhilesh Yadav is also engaged in presenting himself as a devout Hindu. This situation can be equally seen in Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and other electoral states.

It has also been seen in these election campaigns that these religious tours and programs are also widely publicized, due to which the voter of that particular belief starts seeing the political candidate as religious as himself. And his inclination automatically starts moving towards the candidate.

It can also be read as a smart political response to the widespread Hinduisation of the socio-political sphere.

Bhakti Bharat Believes - India, where Hindu identity does not require any political power and temples are not prime places to fuel any election campaign. Serving the common people while worshiping at the altar of secularism should be an election call.

चुनाव में मंदिर, मठ एवं आश्रमों का महत्व हिन्दी में पढ़ें

माना जाता है कि सनातन प्रेमी हर चुनाव में जीत का एक निर्णायक पहलू होते हैं। और इन सनातन प्रेमियों(सनातन प्रेमी वोटर) का केंद्र होते हैं ये मंदिर, मठ एवं आश्रम। राजनीतिक उम्मीदवारों की जीत संख्याबल पर निर्धारित होती है। अतः चुनाव आते ही राजनैतिक उम्मीदवार हिंदू मंदिरों, मठों एवं आश्रमों की तरफ स्वतः ही खिचे चले आते हैं।
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