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What is the Jain Flag? (जैन ध्वज क्या है?)

What is the Jain Flag?
The Jain flag is important in Jainism and serves as a symbol of unity for its followers. The Jain flag is hoisted atop the main spire of the Jain temple during various ceremonies.
Structure of Jain flag
❀ The Jain flag is made up of five horizontal bands of different colors.
❀ The colored bands represent the 24 Jinas and may also represent the five sacred entities, which are highly revered in Jainism.
❀ The colors are red, yellow, white, green, dark blue from top to bottom. Three times in length and two times in width.
❀ In the center of the white stripe is a swastika with three dots and a crescent at the top. A liberated soul is represented by a dot on top of the crescent moon. These are all orange in color.

Symbolism on Jain Flag
The Jain flag represents five colors.
❀ Red - It represents the siddhas or souls who have attained salvation.
❀ Yellow - It represents Acharyas, accomplished masters.
❀ White - It represents the Arihantas, souls who have attained omniscience and eternal bliss through self-realization after having conquered all passions (anger, attachment, hatred). It also represents ahimsa (non-violence).
❀ Green - It represents Upadhyaya who teaches and preaches about Jain scriptures to Jain monks.
❀Blue - This color represents the ascetics. It also means "no right" (aparigraha).

Jain Ethical Code (Panchnuvrata)
The five colors also symbolize the Panchanuvrat/Jain moral code, which are listed below -
❀ Non-violence
❀ Truth
❀ Asteya
❀ Celibacy
❀ Aparigraha

It represents the four states of existence of the soul. The aim of the soul is to free itself from these four stages and eventually become an arahant or a siddha.
❀ God or Heavenly being
❀ Individual man
❀ Animals/Birds/Insects/Plants
❀ Creature from hell

Three points
The three dots above the swastika on the Jain flag represent the Ratnatraya (three gems) of Jainism:
❀ Right Faith
❀ Right knowledge
❀ Right character

Curve / Siddhashila Chakra
The curve above the three points represents Siddhashila, a space made of pure energy in the highest regions of the universe. It is higher than Hell, Earth or Heaven. It is the place where souls who have attained salvation like Arihant and Siddha stay for eternity in supreme bliss.

The flag has been carefully crafted, understanding the intricacies of Jainism from top to bottom. The flag is an important symbol for its followers and has stood the test of time.

जैन ध्वज क्या है? हिन्दी में पढ़ें

जैन धर्म में जैन ध्वज महत्वपूर्ण है और इसके अनुयायियों के लिए एकता के प्रतीक के रूप में कार्य करता है। विभिन्न समारोहों के दौरान जैन ध्वज मंदिर के मुख्य शिखर के ऊपर फहराया जाता है।
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What is the Jain Flag?

The Jain flag is important in Jainism and serves as a symbol of unity for its followers. The Jain flag is hoisted atop the main spire of the temple during various ceremonies.

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