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Vaidik Pauranik Shank (वैदिक पौराणिक शंख)

Vaidik Pauranik Shank

Shrimad Bhagvadgita: Arjunvishad Yog - Verse 15 - in Hindi
Sri Krishna Maharaj's Panchajanya, Arjun's Devadatta and terrible Bhimsen played conch shell named Paundra Maha Shankh.

Shrimad Bhagvadgita: Arjunvishad Yog - Verse 16 - in Hindi
Kuntiputra king Yudhishthira called Anantavijaya and Nakula and Sahadev played conch shells named Sughosh and Manipushpak.

What was the name of Bhagwan Krishna's conch shell?
Bhagwan Krishna had a Panchajanya(five-pronged) conch. It is believed that Bhagwan Krishna kept his Panchajanya conch Parashar in the shrine of Rishi after the Mahabharat war. Although some people believe that this conch shell of Sri Krishna is kept safe in Adi Badri.

What was the name of Arjun's conch shell?
Devdutt Shankha: This conch was with Arjun in the Mahabharat. Varun Dev gave this offering to him. Its use has been considered unfortunate. The use of this conch is believed to lead to victory in the field of justice. People belonging to the judicial sector can benefit by worshiping it. This conch is also considered a symbol of power.

What was the name of Bhimsen's conch?
Pondra Shankh: Pondrica or Pondra Shankha was near Bhishma in Mahabharata. Those who lack confidence should keep this pounder shell. It keeps morale by keeping it in the house. Most of its use is considered good for students. It should be kept in the students' study room towards east.

What was the name of Yudhishthira's conch?
Yudhishthira's conch was named Anantvijay.

What was the name of Nakula's conch shell?
Nakula's conch was named Sughoshamani.

What was the name of Sahadeva's conch shell?
The name of Sahadeva's conch was Manipushpaka.

What was the name of Bhishma's conch?
The name of Bhishma's conch was Ganganabha.

What was the name of Karna's conch shell?
The conch of Karna was named Hiranyagarbha.

What was the name of Dhrishtdyumna?
The name of the conch of Dhrishtdyumna was Yajnaghosha.

What was the name of Duryodhana's conch?
Duryodhana's conch was named Vidaraka.

Mantra of Conch Worship - in Hindi

The world's largest conch is adorned in the Sri Krishna temple in Guruvayur in the state of Kerala, which is about half a meter in length and weighs two kilograms.

वैदिक पौराणिक शंख हिन्दी में पढ़ें

वैदिक पौराणिक शंख, शंख के नाम एवं प्रकार, शंख की महिमा, भगवान श्रीकृष्ण, अर्जुन, भीमसेन, युधिष्ठिर, नकुल, सहदेव, सहदेव, भीष्म के शंख का क्या नाम था?
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