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What is the meaning of Dandi Sanyasi? (दण्डी सन्यासी का क्या अर्थ है?)

Danda means stick or cane in Sanskrit and the Sanyasi who keeps this stick is called Dandi Sanyasi. The Dandi Sanyasis, an important sect of saints in the country, claim that Shankaracharya was chosen from among them. Sadhus aspiring to become Dandi sanyasis have to cross many hurdles before being accepted. Dandi Swami is the one who has a stick in his hand.
How to become Dandi Sanyasi
When a Brahmin renounces rituals, his guru punishes him. Now the Sanyasis keep this stick covered with a cloth, when they move around, this stick should not be touched by anyone. Otherwise the pavitrata of the stick gets affected.

Dandi Sanyasis keep their Danda pure with the prescribed cover. He keeps the stick open during worship, except that he keeps the stick covered at all times. It is believed that the punishment of the Dandi monk is the divine power of the universe; Its purity has to be maintained at all times. Apavitra and unauthorized persons should not be shown open stick.

Life of Dandi Sanyasi
❀ Dandi Sanyasis practice celibacy and do not worship idols. It is believed that they connect themselves with the divine by going through the processes of their daily life and using the means of meditation. Because of this they do not need idol worship.

❀ The lifestyle of a Dandi monk is also different. Dandi monks give up clothes, they don't wear stitched clothes. Dandi Sanyasis sleep without a bed and reside outside Lokaranya.

Food of Dandi Sanyasi
❀ Dandi monks eat food by begging. He eats only once a day, he does not eat common utensils. Dandi monks never eat after sunset. They can beg for alms in a maximum of seven houses in a day and if they do not get anything, they have to go to bed hungry.

❀ They have to give up all the things of luxury and comfort.

Last rites of Dandi Sanyasi
They are not burnt after the death of a Dandi Sanyasi. A process of cremation of the body takes place during initiation itself. During this time they attain salvation and after death the sanyasis are not cremated like common people, they are given samadhi.

In the scriptures, Danda is the symbol of bhagwan Vishnu and it is also called 'Brahma danda'. When a brahmin takes sanyas as prescribed in our scriptures, then this punishment is given to him. When he earns the eligibility to hold this Danda, he gets the authority. The Sanyasi's Danda is the symbol of bhagwan Vishnu and his powers. All Dandi Sanyasis do Abhishek, Tarpan and worship their Dandi everyday.

दण्डी सन्यासी का क्या अर्थ है? हिन्दी में पढ़ें

डंडा का अर्थ संस्कृत में छड़ी या बेंत होता है और इस छड़ी को रखने वाले सन्यासी को दंडी सन्यासी कहा जाता है। देश में संतों के एक महत्वपूर्ण संप्रदाय दंडी सन्यासियों का दावा है कि शंकराचार्य उन्हीं में से चुने गए हैं। दंडी सन्यासी बनने के इच्छुक साधुओं को अपनी तह में स्वीकार किए जाने से पहले कई बाधाओं को पार करना पड़ता है। दंडी स्वामी उसे कहते हैं जिसके हाथ में एक दण्ड रहे।
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