Bajara Ki Madiyan Recipe (बाजरा की मङियाँ बनाने की विधि)

First, add jaggery in half a cup of water to melt it on medium flame. Turn off the gas. Filter the melted jaggery with a sieve after it gets cool down. Now filter the millet (bajra) flour in a vessel and mix the sesame seeds in it. After this, make a dough with a prepared jaggery solution, but keep in mind that the dough is prepared soft.

Now take a spoon of ghee on your hand, smooth the dough and keep it covered for 10 to 12 minutes. After this, put a ghee in a pan and heat it on a medium flame.

Smooth the hands and make large dumplings with a prepared dough. Put the dumplings in the middle of both the hands and flatten it. Flat and widen up the dumpling from both the sides with the fingers of both hands then add the tikki in a hot ghee.

Fry the tikki from both the sides. When Tikki becomes golden on both sides (dark brown) then take it out from the pan. Similarly, cook the rest of tikki with a prepared dough. Thus, three to four tikki can be fried in one pan at a time.

Necessary Ingredients:
To prepare 15 to 16 madiyan:
Two cups of millet (bajra) flour
Four teaspoons of white sesame seeds
100 gms of jaggery
To fry the cow’s ghee

Other Related Names:
Bajara ki Tikki

बाजरा की मङियाँ बनाने की विधि हिन्दी में भी उपलब्ध

...गूथे हुए आटे की टिक्की बना कर तैयार कर लेते हैं। इस प्रकार एक बार में तीन से चार टिक्की एक कढ़ाई में तली जा सकती हैं।
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