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Sahib Bandgi: A Spiritual Organization (साहिब बंदगी: एक आध्यात्मिक संगठन)

Sahib Bandgi is a spiritual organization founded by Satguru Madhu Paramhans. Satguru Madhu Paramhans was an Indian spiritual guru and a former junior commissioned officer in the Indian Army.

Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organization:
The mission of Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organization is to inculcate the principles of Satguru Bhakti and Satya Bhakti to bring awareness to the true self and spiritual transformation. Sahib Bandgi Sangathan has more than 220 ashrams across India. It is headquartered in a remote village of Ranjadi in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Sahib Bandgi is also a registered trust in USA and UK.

Mission of Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organization:
Sahib Bandgi Sangathan is involved in many social activities including free medical check-up, alcohol and drug abuse, promotion of vegetarianism, free meals or community meals, and free shelter for all in ashrams, campaigns against female feticide and in the area Includes campaigns against mass exorcism. They have been in the news for providing free food, financial aid to the government and free food to the poor, laborers and travelers during the Amarnath movement at the time of coronavirus lockdown in India in 2020.

Thoughts of Sahib Bandgi:
Good deeds / deeds in human life are worthy of higher knowledge, they develop reverence and humility in life. For such people devotional feelings are activated, devotion gives knowledge, knowledge purifies life and helps to work for the freedom of heaven or soul.

Worldly people have different options in the field of devotion:
Saguna Bhakti: Worship of forms.
Nirguna Bhakti: Inner Yoga on the Formless
Para Bhakti: Formless worship.
Sathya Bhakti: Devotion to the Satguru for Grace - Kripa

Sahib Bandgi says, the whole creation is under God. That God is under the control of truth. That truth is in the control of nobles. Good people are greater than God. However, even the so-called saints and prophets of today are unaware of the secrets of devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore, they (pirs, prophets, rishis and munis) are unknowingly misleading their followers.

Everything is unusual in this world of Kaal Niranjan. There is no such thing as justice and fairness here. Here the hypocrites are warmly welcomed while the followers of truth are tormented. The people of the world believe in what the hypocrites and untrue sages say, but the saints do not care what they say. Therefore, just as one says 'Ram Ram' while meeting a friend or other, in the same way a disciple of the Satguru will say 'Sahib Bandgi'.

Atrocities on Sahib Bandgi sect
'Sahib Bandgi' is a respectful address to the Eternal Lord of Truth. The organization has reported several attacks on ashrams and devotees by religious fanatics.

Kabir says that the true disciple will pray:
Saiin Itna Dijiye, Jamey Kutumb Samaye.
Main Bhi Bhookha Na Rahun, Sadhu Na Bhukha Jaye.

Meaning: O Lord! Give me so much money that I can maintain my family and if any sage comes to my house, I can take care of him.

Sahib Bandgi says, the true Satguru will not fulfill the desires of the mind, but will make his disciple desireless.

साहिब बंदगी: एक आध्यात्मिक संगठन हिन्दी में पढ़ें

साहिब बंदगी सतगुरु मधु परमहंस द्वारा स्थापित एक आध्यात्मिक संगठन है। सतगुरु मधु परमहंस एक भारतीय आध्यात्मिक गुरु और भारतीय सेना में पूर्व जूनियर आयुक्त अधिकारी थे।
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