Ganeshotsav Specials (गणेशोत्सव विशेष 2021)

Ganeshotsav Specials

Ganesh Utsav is one of the most exciting festivals in Maharashtra, Gujarat and some places of Madhya Pradesh. Now in New India, Ganeshotsav is gradually being celebrated in the northern states as well. Let's know! Some information related to Shri Ganeshotsav, Shri Ganesh Chaturthi, Anant Chaturdashi and Ganpati Visarjan, famous hymns and other inspiring facts related to ...

Why, when, where and how?
श्री गणेश चतुर्थी
अनंत चतुर्दशी / गणपति विसर्जन

Ganeshotsav Aarti:
जय गणेश जय गणेश
शेंदुर लाल चढ़ायो
श्री सिद्धिविनायक मंदिर, मुंबई: जय देव जय देव

Shri Ganesh Chalisa:
गणपति श्री गणेश चालीसा

Ganeshotsav Bhajan:

गणपति आज पधारो, श्री रामजी की धुन में
मेरे लाडले गणेश प्यारे प्यारे
गाइये गणपति जगवंदन
घर में पधारो गजानन जी
गौरी के नंदा गजानन, गौरी के नन्दा

Ganeshotsav Mantra:
वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय! श्री गणेश मंत्र
गजाननं भूत गणादि सेवितं
गणनायकाय गणदेवताय गणाध्यक्षाय धीमहि।
श्री गणेशपञ्चरत्नम् - मुदाकरात्तमोदकं
नामावली: श्री गणेश अष्टोत्तर नामावलि
ऋणहर्ता गणेश स्तोत्र
हरिद्रा गणेश कवचम्
संकटनाशन गणेश स्तोत्र - प्रणम्यं शिरसा देव गौरीपुत्रं विनायकम

Shri Ganesh Katha:

अनंत चतुर्दशी की पौराणिक कथा

Shri Ganesh Mandir:
पुणे शहर के प्रसिद्ध मंदिर
दिल्ली के प्रसिद्ध श्री गणेश मंदिर
श्री सिद्धिविनायक गणपति मंदिर, मुंबई
श्री कसबा गणपति मंदिर, पुणे
दगडूशेठ गणपति मंदिर, पुणे
सारसबाग गणपती मंदिर, पुणे
बंगाली बाबा श्री गणेश मंदिर, जयपुर
श्री सिद्धी गणेश मंदिर, गुरुग्राम

Bhog Prasad:
पारंपरिक मोदक बनाने की विधि
बेसन के लड्‍डू बनाने की विधि
मावा के मोदक बनाने की विधि
केसर मोदक बनाने की विधि

❀ Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as 'Vinayak Chaturthi'.

❀ Ganesh Utsav is celebrated for ten days from Bhadrapada Chaturthi date i.e. Anant Chaturdashi.

❀ This festival is celebrated with great joy in Maharashtra but now it is also celebrated with great joy in South India and North India. People establish the Murti of Ganesh in their home, street, locality with reverence and daily make the atmosphere devotional by their worship, aarti and colorful programs.

❀ After three, five or ten days the idol is immersed. There is a belief behind immersion that the way guests come to the house, they bring something in the same way, we also call God to our home every year, if they come into the house then they definitely bring something for everyone. There is prosperity and happiness in the house.

❀ Ganapati - Gan + Pati. 'pati' means a follower. The word 'Gana' has various meanings - according to Maharishi Panini: 'Gana', that is, a group of Ashtavastus. Vasu means Disha, Dikpal (protector of directions) or Dikadeva. Hence Ganpati means pati of directions, Bhagwan.

❀ No deity can come from any direction without the permission of Ganpati, therefore Ganpati worship is mandatory before any mangal karya or worship of the deity. Only after the liberation of all directions by Ganpati can the deity worshiped come to the place of worship. This method is called Mahadwar Pujan or Mahaganapati Pujan.

❀ No work starts without worshiping Bhagwan Ganpati. Ganesha, revered as the deviating deity, is the deity to remove all obstacles and fulfill all desires.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birthday of Bhagwan Ganesha. Once Bhagwan Shiva angrily cut off the head of his son Ganesha. But then the head of an elephant baby was attached to his torso. In this way Bhagwan Ganesha regained his life. This day is celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi. On the day of Annat Chaturdashi i.e. on the 11th day, with Ganesh Visarjan, Ganesha Bhagwan is sent off and the next year is expected to come soon.

Shriganesh is the God who provides sukh, samridhi, intelligence and happiness. Just as a small fraction of oil in a drop of water, it cannot dissolve completely in water, similarly, until the Ganpati devotee assimilates all the characteristics of Ganpati, he cannot be identical with Ganpati.

Ganapati Bappa Morya, Purchya Varshi Laukariya

गणेशोत्सव विशेष 2021 हिन्दी में पढ़ें

आइए जानें! श्री गणेशोत्सव, श्री गणेश चतुर्थी, अनंत चतुर्दशी एवं गणपति विसर्जन से जुड़ी कुछ जानकारियाँ, प्रसिद्ध भजन एवं सम्वन्धित अन्य प्रेरक तथ्य..

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