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What is the reason behind applying tilak? (तिलक लगाने के पीछे क्या कारण है?)

What is the reason behind applying tilak?
Applying Tilak on the forehead is considered very important in Sanatan Dharma. It is a small mark applied on the forehead, which is applied during worship or other religious occasions. Applying Tilak is a special ritual used in the Hindu tradition. Without applying Tilak, neither permission is given to perform puja nor is the puja completed. Tilak is applied between the two eyebrows on the neck or navel. Applying Tilak improves health and helps in concentrating and calming the mind.
Rules for applying tilak
1. Do not apply tilak without taking bath.
2. First apply Tilak to your Bhagwan, then apply Tilak to yourself.
3. Apply tilak to yourself with your ring finger and your thumb with the other finger.

Religious importance of applying tilak
1. Applying chandan tilak increases concentration.
2. Applying Roli and Kumkum tilak increases attraction and removes laziness.
3. Applying saffron tilak increases fame and completes work.
4. Applying Tilak of Gorochan leads to victory.
5. By applying Ashtagandha Tilak one attains knowledge and wisdom.

Rules for applying Tilak to strengthen the planets
1. Sun - Apply red sandalwood tilak on the ring finger.
2. Moon - Apply white sandalwood tilak on the little finger.
3. Mars - Apply orange vermillion tilak on the ring finger.
4. Mercury - Apply Ashtagandha tilak on the little finger.
5. Jupiter - Apply saffron tilak on the index finger.

Apart from the forehead, why is Tilak also applied on the neck, chest and arms?

1. Importance and benefits of applying tilak on the neck
Applying Tilak on the neck is considered very auspicious. Our speech is related to the throat, the food pipe also passes close to the throat. Tilak is applied on the neck to control all these important organs. Applying Tilak on the throat keeps the throat calm and speech remains sweet. It is said that by applying Tilak here God resides. The breathing speed becomes calm and Mars becomes stronger.

2. Importance and benefits of applying tilak on the chest
It is said that God resides on the chest. Applying Tilak here strengthens the position of the planets. The problems of fear, anger, thirst and restlessness remain away from the person's mind. Applying Tilak on the chest calms the mind. There is no malice in the mind. God resides in the heart. It means that we are applying tilak to God.

3. Importance and benefits of applying tilak on the arm
The arm is related to the planet Venus. Applying Tilak here strengthens the planet Venus. By applying Tilak here, God starts residing in the arms. If a person's Venus is weak then apply Tilak on his arm to strengthen it. Apart from this, doing this also prevents hand related diseases. It is also a symbol of strength and courage.

तिलक लगाने के पीछे क्या कारण है? हिन्दी में पढ़ें

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