Triveni Sangam Snan: Delhi To Prayagraj Trip

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Triveni Sangam Snan Trip in Kumbh Mela 2019: Delhi to Prayagraj Round Way Trip
त्रिवेणी संगम स्नान: दिल्ली से प्रयागराज यात्रा

Mode of Transport:
Bus : Private Bus

Boarding Points:
1. Anand Vihar near metro pillar no. 217 - 9:30 PM
2. Akshardham Metro - 10:00 PM
3. Mahamaya Flyover - 10:30 PM

2 Days 2 Nights

Places Visited:
* Ganga Ghat
* Yamuna Ghat
* Triveni Sangam
* Akshay Vat
* Bade Hanumanji Mandir / Lete Hanumanji
* Shri Adishankar Viman Mandapam
* Akhara [During Kumbh Only]
* Peepa Wala Pul


Idea came to mind when one of my friend told us that he has booked his train tickets to Kubh Mela. Although his tickets were in WL yet he was determined to visit the place. After that another friend did the same and booked his ticket. He was also in waiting list but the WL was 100+. Then was my turn, Although I also wanna go but since WL was quite high, so I decide to try book Rail tickets via tatkal on 21st Feb.

Once tatkal opened, I start filling detials and when it comes to payment screen, it says Tatkal pending WL. Then we decided to go via Bus.

We went online and check out the tickets for our trip. After filling all details and when we reach payment page, it did not accept our payments. Tried wallets, netbanking but failed. Then I contact the traveller via Google and ask him to book 3 sitting bus tickets.

Delhi NCR:
Finally! day comes, we leave lil bit early from the Office as we need to reach bus stand. I left home around 7:30 PM and had my dinner.

Around 8:15 PM I got free from dinner. So I left and board the metro to Anand Vihar. I reached Anand Vihar around 9 PM. Then I walked few distance crossed over-bridge and reach the bus-stand. I waited there for my friends, bus arrives around at 9:30 PM. We board the bus and bus started.

Bus moves to Akshardham metro station to pick passengers and then to Mahamaya flyover.

Now we were on Yamuna Expressway. After that we moved to Taj Expressway. After 12 hours of tiring journey, we reached Prayag at around 10:00 AM in morning. Bus dropped us at a stand.

Prayagraj City:
We ask the people to guide to sangam. We board the Kumbh Shuttle Bus. After 30-45 min enjoying city and its diversity. At one point, due to traffic, we get down from bus and started walking on foot due to traffic jam. We walked for few Kms and come across tents to stay.

We looked for Sector-3 which was actually nearest place from sangam, so that we can stay close to ghat and not need to waste time in travelling to/from ghat. After a lot of hard work we finally found tent to stay and spend night in sector-4. It costs us around Rs 100/- per bed.

Sangan Snan:
After finding the place to stay, we put our luggage on it and then started to move to ghat for holy dip into Sangam. We reached ghat and then started looking for boat that would help us to reach Sangam and dive in the holy water and take some water in bottle.

During our journey to sangam, we encounter Siberian Birds at triveni. Enjoyed boat ride as well Siberian birds. We came at bank in an hour. Then we start looking for something to eat.
We had tea and kachori on the way. After travelling few kms, we start looking for proper Lunch and then found a place. We had Puri sabji and then started travelling back to the room to get some rest.

We reach our place at around 4:00 PM. We took some rest for 30 min, we move out from place and thought of visiting few more places around sangam.

Initially we thought of visiting few temples. But Akshay Vat was closed as it closed around 4:00 PM and other temple was very crowded due to Saturday. So we thought of visiting these temples in morning.

Peepa Wala Pul:
Then we start moving to visit Akhara which was on the other side of Ganga Ghat. After travelling few kms, we use Peepe wala pul to reach other side of the bank. It took around 30-45 mins to cross the peepe wala pul. Soon we reached on the other side.

We start looking for Akhara. It was around 6:00 PM. We visited Akhara but it was bit late, so it was empty. We looked for few more akharas and all were empty. Then we decided to go back as it was around 6:00 PM and night starts falling. We clicked few pics while we crossing peepe wala pul. Soon we reached otehr side It was around 7:00 PM.

Ganga Aarti:
After crossed Peepa Wala Pul, we heard Mantras, so we move towards that place where mantras were chanting. It was the place where Gangaji arti have to started. It was my best experinc, environment was looking amazing due to enchanting of Mantras with beautiful view. After completion of Ganga Aarti, we started moving ahead.

During our travel, we visited one temple Shri Adishankar Viman Mandapam. We went inside the temple and move to top. View from top was amazing, took few pics of Kumbh.

Subh Ratri:
It was night so we started looking for place to have Dinner. Finally we found our restaurant and stopped there for dinner. During our dinner, we started thinking about how to reach back to Delhi as our tickets were not booked. We called the travels asking about any left seats for journey back to Delhi but there was no seats left.

We did our dinner and packed one thali for our friend. We started moving towards our Tent. Soon, we reached the tent. We handover dinner to our friend. All private buses usually leave around in evening, so we thought to wake up early in morning sothat we can reach local bus stand early in the morning.

Back To Delhi:
We wake up around 4:00 AM early morning. We packed our luggage and left the tent. Now we started travelling on our foot to bus stand. After travelling few km, we board e-rickshaw to nearby place. After 10-15 min ride, we left e-rickshaw and start looking for other transport to bus stand. We board local buses and soon we reached bus stand. It was around 5:15 AM.

We checked from the Inquiry regarding buses to Delhi, but there was no direct bus to Delhi. We thought lets take bus till Kanpur and from Kanpur to Delhi direct bus. We started around journey at 6:00 AM towards Kanpur. After 4 hrs of journey, we reached Kanpur around 10:00 AM.

Now we enquired about direct bus from Kanpur to Delhi. We found 1 bus. We board direct bus from Kanpur to Delhi at around 11:00 AM. After tiry journey of 10 hrs, we finally reached our destination via NH2 and then Yamuna Expressway.

I take a drop at Botanical Garden at around 9:30 PM and my friends took drop at Anand Vihar.

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