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👰Tesu Punain - टेसू पूनै

Tesu Punain Date: Wednesday, 16 October 2024
Tesu Punain

On the day of Sharad Purnima, the marriage of Tesu and Jhenji takes place in the Braj region. After this marriage, the preparatory work of marriage festivities in Hindus begins. According to a boon, first Tesu will get married, then only after that one can start the process of marriage festivities.

This tradition of Tesu Jhenji is especially famous in Braj, Bundelkhand and Gwalior. In urban areas, it is becoming almost extinct. The tradition of visiting Tesu Jhenji in all the houses is said to be brought by feeding Tesu. It starts from the day of Dussehra with Ravana Dahan.

A study of Tesu's and Jhenji's songs appears to carry a systematic and definite subject matter, while Tesu's songs appear to be mere rhymes. Somewhere Jhenji is also called Sanjhi.

Tesu Jhenjie Format:
Usually, Tesu is made from three straight kinds of wood. A place to keep the lamp is made in the middle and from there Tesu is caught.

Jhenji is like a circular pitcher made of raw clay, with a lamp placed inside. Colorful vents are made in the jhenji for abundant air to keep the lamp burning continuously.

Tesu Jhenjie Wedding Ceremony:
In every house of Braj, all the rituals of Tesu-Jhenji's marriage are performed like a normal marriage with joy and gaiety. Some belief with so much gaiety that getting the cards printed, the baratis dance along with the band and baja and arrive at Jhenji's house. All the rituals of marriage are performed with the welcome of Tesu and Baratis. Under which the foot worship of Jhenji, Kanyadan and the feast is also given to the processions.

In this event of children, the elders of the society and the family also openly give their full cooperation from the heart. With social harmony, every household's food grains and money become one together. There was a lot of gaiety in the girls, so in the boys too. Some people of the village become baratis, and some people become gharatis. At night, women and children gather together and sing hymns. Kheel, Batase, Revdi are distributed and with the immersion of Tesu-Jhenjie, the anticipation of the celebrations for the next year begins.
टेसू झेंजी विवाह की पौराणिक

Related NameTesu Jhenji Punain, Tesu Jhenji Vivah, Tesu Purnima
Begins TithiAshvin Shukla Purnima
ReasonTesu Jhenji Vivah
CelebrationsMangal Geet, Puja, Bhajan Kirtan

टेसू पूनै हिन्दी में पढ़ें

शरद पूर्णिमा के ही दिन, ब्रज क्षेत्र में टेसू और झेंजी का विवाह संपन्न होता है। इस विवाह के बाद हिंदुओं में विवाह उत्सव प्रारम्भिक कार्य सुरू हो जाते हैं।

Tesu Sthapna

14 October 2021
Tesu and Jhenji are established on ninth day of Navratri, on Navami Tithi. Children decorate their new Tesu and Jhenji with big interest. Navami is the first day to play/carry Tesu/Jhenji.

Tesu Geet

1) आगरे कू जान्गे
चार कौरि लान्गे
कौरि अच्छी भइ तौ
टेसू में लगान्गे
टेसू अच्छौ भयो तौ
गाम में घुमान्गे
गाम अच्छौ भयो तौ
चक्की लगबान्गे
चक्की अच्छी भई तौ
पूरी पुआ करबान्गे

2) टेसू की गईया
कच्छ की गईया
अस्सी डला भूस खाय
सिगरे ताल कौ पानी पिए
हिंगन बटेश्वर जाय

3) सेलखड़ी भई सेलखड़ी
नौ सौ डिब्बा रेल खड़ी
एक डिब्बा आरम्पार
उसमें बैठे मियांसाब
मियां साब की काली टोपी
काले हैं कलयान जी
गौरे हैं गुरयान जी
कूद पड़े हनुमान जी
लंका जीते राम जी।

4) मेरा टेसू झंई अड़ा
खाने को मांगे दही बड़ा
दही बड़े में पन्नी
घर दो बेटा अठन्नी
अठन्नी अच्छी होती तो ढोलकी बनवाते
ढोलकी की तान अपने यार को सुनाते
यार का दुपट्टा साड़े सात की निशानी
देखो रे लोगे वो हो गई दिवानी।

5) आगरे की गैल में छोकरी सुनार की
भूरे भूरे बाल उसकी नथनी हज़ार की
अपने महल में ढोलकी बजाती
ढोलकी की तान अपने यार को सुनाती
यार का दुपटटा साड़े सात की निशानी
दखो रे लोगो वो हो गई दिवानी।

6) टेसू रे टेसू
घंटार बजईयो
दस नगरी दस गाँव बसईयो
बस गये तीतर बस गये मोर
सड़ी डुकरिया ए लै गये चोर
चोरन के घर खेती
खाय डुकरिया मोटी
मोटी है के दिल्ली गयी
दिल्ली ते दो बिल्ली लाई
एक बिल्ली कानी
सब बच्चों की नानी।

Jhenji Geet

Coming Soon..

Related Information

Futures Dates
6 October 2025
Yearly / Annual
1 Days
Begins Tithi
Ashvin Shukla Purnima
Ends Tithi
Ashvin Shukla Purnima
Tesu Jhenji Vivah
Mangal Geet, Puja, Bhajan Kirtan
Imp Places
Braj, Bundelkhand and Gwalior
Past Dates
28 October 2023, 9 October 2022, 19 October 2021, 30 October 2020

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Tesu Punain Wishes

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