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Shri Durga Dwatrinshat Nam Mala (अथ दुर्गाद्वात्रिंशन्नाममाला - श्री दुर्गा द्वात्रिंशत नाम माला)

Shri Durga Dwatrinshat Nam Mala
Durga Durgarti Shamani Durgapadvinivarini ।
Durgamachthini Durgasadhini Durgashini ।
Durgatodwarini Durg Nihantree Durgamaapahan ।
Durgam Gyanada Durgadayatilokdavanala ।
Durgama Durgamaloka Durgamataswarpini ।

Durgamarprada Durgamavidya Durgamashrita ।
Durgamgyanasasthana Durgamadhyanabhasini ।

Durgamoha Durgamga Durgamarthwarpini ।
Durgamasurashanantri Durgamayudharadhini ।

Durgamangi Durgamata Durgamya Durgameshwari ।
Durgabhima Durgabhama Durlabha Durgadharini ।

Namavali Mamayastu Durgaya Mam Manas: ।
Pathet Sarvam Bhayanumukto Bhavishyati Na Sanshayah ।

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Once upon a time, Brahma and other deities worshiped Maheshwari Durga with various remedies like flowers. Pleased with this, Durgatinashini Durga said: Bhagwan! I am satisfied with your worship, ask for whatever you wish, I will also provide rare things.

The deity said on hearing this word of Durga: Devi! You killed our enemy Mahishasura, who was a thorn for the three worlds, with this the whole world became healthy and fearless. With your grace, we have again attained our position. You are the Kalpavriksha for the devotees, we have come to your shelter, so now we have no desire to get anything. We got everything. However, you have orders, so we want to ask you something to protect the world. Maheshwari! Which is the solution, By which soon you are happy, you protect the creature in distress. Deveshwari! This thing must be told to us even if it is completely confidential.

On praying to the Bhagwan in this way, Dayamayi Durga Devi said: Devgan! Listen - these secrets are extremely secretive and rare. The garland of my thirty-two names is going to destroy all kinds of objections. There is no other praise like this in the three worlds. These are mystical. I tell it, listen -

1) Durga,
2) Durgatishamni,
3) Durgapadvinivarini,
4) Durgamachedini,
5) Durgasadhini,
6) Durgashashini,
7) Durgatoddhaarini
8) Durganihanantri,
9) Durgamapaha,
10) Durgamgyanada,
11) Durgadityalokdavanala,
12) Durgama,
13) Durgamaloka,
14) Durgamat Swarupini,
15) Durgamarprada,
16) Durgamavidya,
17) Durgamashrita,
18) Durgamagyaanasansthaana,
19) Durgamadhyanabhasini,
20) Durgamoha,
21) Durgamaga,
22) Durgamaarthaswarupini,
23) Durgamasurashanantri,
24) Durgamayudharadhini,
25) Durgamaangi,
26) Durgamata,
27) Durgamya,
28) Durgameshwari,
29) Durgabhima,
30) Durgabhama,
31) Durgabha
32) Durgadarini

The person who recites this name of Durga to me, he will undoubtedly be freed from all kinds of fear. '

If someone is suffering from enemies or is in an intractable bond, the recitation of these thirty-two names gets rid of the crisis. There are no doubts at all. If the king gives orders for slaughter in fury or for any harsh punishment or if a man is surrounded by enemies in war or gets trapped in the clutches of violent animals like wild animals in the forest, then reciting these thirty-two names one hundred and eight times. With this, he is freed from all fears.

In the time of calamity, there is no other dreaded remedy like this. Bhagwan! There is no harm to the people who recite this name. The uneducated, the atheist and the ardent man should not preach it. Those who recite this nomenclature thousand, ten thousand or lakh times even after falling in heavy calamity, do it themselves or get it done by Brahmins, they are free from all kinds of objections.

If you do havan a million times with these names with white sesame seeds mixed with Siddha Agni, then people are freed from all the worries. The puja of this name is thirty thousand. A person can prove complete work through reading it with dedication. Make my beautiful clay ashtabhuja idol, wear the mace, khadg, Trishul, arrow, bow, bow, lotus, khet (shield) and mudgar in the eight arms respectively.

The statue has a moon sign on it, it has three eyes, is dressed in red, it is riding on the shoulder of the lion and slaughters Mahishasura with a shool, Make a statue like this and worship me devoutly with various types of materials. Offer red Kaner flowers to my said Namo, worship him a hundred times and chant Mantra and perform Havan with Puya. Enjoy the best of all things. By doing this way, humans also prove incurable work. A human who praises me every day, he never falls into trouble. '

Jagdamba got interrupted while saying this to Bhagwan. Those who hear this anecdote of Durga ji do not face any misfortune.

अथ दुर्गाद्वात्रिंशन्नाममाला - श्री दुर्गा द्वात्रिंशत नाम माला हिन्दी में पढ़ें

दुर्गा दुर्गार्ति शमनी दुर्गापद्विनिवारिणी । दुर्गामच्छेदिनी दुर्गसाधिनी दुर्गनाशिनी ।
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