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Tulsi Vivah Pauranik Katha (तुलसी विवाह पौराणिक कथा)

Tulsi Vivah Pauranik Katha
Once Prabhu Shiva threw his light into the sea. A great boy was born to him. This boy later became the mighty Ashur Raja in the name of Jalandhar. The name of its capital was Jalandhar city.
Vrinda, the daughter of Daityaraja Kalnemi, was married to Jalandhar. Jalandhar was Maharaksas. Due to his power, he fought with the desire to get Mata Lakshmi, but due to originating from the sea, Mata Lakshmi accepted him as her brother. Defeated from there, he went to Mount Kailash, craving to find Prabhudess Parvati.

Bhagwan Devadhdev took the form of Shiva and went near to Mata Parvati, but maa immediately recognized him with her yoga force and disappeared from there. Mata Parvati got angry and narrated the entire episode to Bhagwan Vishnu. Jalandhar's wife Vrinda was a very devoted woman. Jalandhar was neither killed nor defeated by the power of his husband's religion. That is why it was very important to dissolve Vrinda's patibrata in order to destroy Jalandhar.

That is why Bhagwan Vishnu disguised as a sadhu and went to the forest, where Vrinda was traveling alone. Bhagwan was also accompanied by two elusive demons, upon which Vrinda became frightened. The sadhu devoured both of them in front of Vrinda. Seeing his power, Vrinda asked about her husband Jalandhar, who was at war with Mahadev on Mount Kailash.

Prabhu again connected Jalandhar's head with his illusion, but he himself entered the same body. Vrinda had no idea of ​​this trick. Vrinda began to behave with devotion to the Prabhu of Jalandhar, which disturbed her sattva. As soon as this happened, Vrinda's husband lost in the Jalandhar war.

When Vrinda came to know about all this Leela, he got angry and cursed Bhagwan Vishnu to be a heartless rock. Vishnu accepted the curse of his devotee and Shaligram became stone. The universe became imbalanced as the follower of the universe became stone. Seeing this, all the Bhagwan and Mata prayed to Vrinda to curse Bhagwan Vishnu. Vrinda cursed Vishnu and committed self-immolation. Where Vrinda was consumed, the basil plant grew. Bhagwan Vishnu said to Vrinda: O Vrinda. You have loved me more than Lakshmi because of your Sattva. Now you will always be with me as Tulsi. Since then, every year the day of Kartik month Dev-Uthavani Ekadashi is celebrated as Tulsi Vivah. Anyone who marries Tulsi with my Shaligram form will get immense fame in this world and the hereafter.

This land of the same Raakshas Jalandhar is known as Jalandhar. The temple of Sati Vrinda is located in Mohalla Kot Kishanchand. It is said that there was an ancient cave at this place, which went straight to Haridwar. Worshiping the temple of Sati Vrinda Devi for 40 days with true heart fulfills all desires.

In the house where Tulsi is there, Yama's messengers also cannot go untimely. At the time of death, whose life is taken out by keeping basil and Ganges in the mouth without water, he gets free from sins and gets to Vaikuntha Dham. A person who performs his ancestors' shraddha in the shadow of Tulsi and Amla, gets moksha.

तुलसी विवाह पौराणिक कथा हिन्दी में पढ़ें

एक बार शिव ने अपने तेज को समुद्र में फैंक दिया था। उससे एक महातेजस्वी बालक ने जन्म लिया। यह बालक आगे चलकर जालंधर के नाम से...
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